“He’s an Idiot!” – Maui Resident Blasts Joe Biden For Sending Money to Ukraine While Ignoring American Citizens (VIDEO)

One Maui resident blasted Joe Biden for sending billions of dollars to Ukraine while ignoring Hawaiian residents suffering in the aftermath of wildfires.

Hundreds have died in the Maui wildfires and Joe Biden doesn’t have a care in the world.

The historic town of Lahaina has been destroyed by the fires.

Charred remains of entire families huddled together have been found in their homes.

Morgues are running out of body bags.

Joe Biden pledged one-time payments of $700 per household to people displaced by the fires after callously brushing off questions about the rising death toll.

After sending more than $100 billion to Ukraine, Biden offered a one-time payment of $700 to Americans suffering.

A Maui resident blasted Joe Biden for sending Ukraine money while ignoring American citizens in need.

“Why aren’t you taking care of what you’re in charge of rather than sending out these funds to Ukraine or anywhere? Take care of here first. Biden? He’s an idiot!” the Maui resident told Rebel News.


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