‘Conservative’ Panelist on PBS NewsHour Says Democrats Should Be “Grateful” Joe Biden Is Their 2024 Candidate (VIDEO)

In a desperate effort to prop up Joe Biden, a PBS panelist said that Democrats should be more “grateful” Biden is their 2024 candidate.

Not surprisingly, PBS is rarely, if ever objective in their assessments of Democratic candidates. With mounting evidence of corruption in the Biden camp, we have David Brooks of the New York Times still supporting Joe Biden.

‘Conservative’ columnist for the New York Times David Brooks said Democrats should be grateful Biden is their guy in 2024 because of his “incredibly strong economic recovery.”

Wages are down and inflation is still high.

Gas prices are still higher today than when Joe Biden took office in January 2021.

Brooks agreed Joe Biden is old with very low approval ratings, but he’s the best the Democrats have and voters should be grateful.

“And so the Democrats are lucky, frankly, to have a candidate in Biden who has presided over an incredibly strong economic recovery, who has presided over pretty good international peacemaking efforts, both in Asia this week and also in Europe, and who I believe whose numbers will go up as inflation recedes, as it is,” Brook said.

“And the strong job numbers are there. And they’re extremely lucky to have a candidate, frankly, who’s not a member of what you would call the coastal elite. And Joe Biden has — sends off all the right cultural messages for moderate independent voters who don’t have college degrees. And Democrats are not grateful enough for what they have, in my view,” he added.


Video and partial transcription courtesy of NewsBusters