Top Intel Source to Seymour Hersh: “Biden’s Principal Issue in the War is that He’s Screwed”


White House Resident Joe Biden bought the support of Turkish President Erdogan for Swedish NATO membership with $ 13 billion from the IMF, reports investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, citing a high-ranked intel source. There is currently a “big power struggle” going on within the “dying administration” faced with a failing war in Ukraine. Joe Biden is “oblivious” and Ukraine war hawk Victoria Nuland has been “blocked”. The source advised intil professionals to “shelter in place,” he said.

“Biden’s principal issue in the war is that he’s screwed,” a top intel official told Hersh. “We didn’t give Ukraine cluster bombs earlier in the war, but we’re giving them cluster bombs now, because that’s all we got left in the cupboard. Aren’t these the bombs that are banned all over the world, because they kill kids? But the Ukrainians tell us they are not planning to drop them on civilians. And then the administration claims that the Russians have used them first in the war, which is just a lie.“

“In any case,” the official told Hersh, “cluster bombs have zero chance of changing the course of the war.”

The real problem will come as early as August, when the Russians “will counter-strike with a major offensive,” Hersh cites his unnamed source: “What happens then? The US has painted itself in a corner by calling for NATO to do something. Will NATO respond by sending the brigades now training in Poland and Romania on an airborne assault? We knew more about the German army in Normandy in World War II than we know about the Russian army in Ukraine.”

The failing Ukraine war has taken a toll on the Biden administration, Hersh writes. On Monday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu claimed that the Ukrainian counteroffensive had cost 26.000 casualties and 3.000 units of material, as Gateway reported.

The increasingly unpopular war has come at the expense of Ukraine war hawk Victoria Nuland, currently serving as Undersecretary of State for Policy. Nuland has been “blocked” from being promoted “to replace the much respected Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman,” Hersh quotes a Democrat Party insider. “Nuland’s anti-Russian politics and rhetoric matches the tone and point of view of Biden and Secretary of State Tony Blinken,” he writes.

Current CIA director Bill Burns is maneuvering for a top spot at the State Department, Hersh reports, trumpeting “his love for Biden and his intense dislike of all things Russian, including Putin,” in a speech in England July 1. Burns was “the liaison between the intelligence team operating out of Norway and the Oval Office” during the sabotage operation of the Nord Stream pipelines, which Hersh reported on in February 2023. Burns had “won the respect of a hard core of CIA officers and agents for his discrete handling of the nine-month planning and execution of the covert operation, approved by Biden, to destroy the Nord Steam I and II pipelines running from Russia to Germany,” Hersh wrote:

“Burns was also known for his warning … that continued expansion of NATO to the east—NATO now is now on the verge of totally covering Russia’s western border—would inevitably lead to conflict.”

Sleepy Joe Biden is “not revered throughout the CIA,” Hersh reports, “as many presidents have not been.” Hersh’s source noted that “all was in flux” throughout the Biden national security bureaucracy. “Big shuffle. Big power struggle. Biden oblivious. All the ants fighting for the crumbs of a dying administration. Advised all the professionals inside to shelter in place. Wait and see the color of the smoke from the Vatican Chancellery. Explains Burns’ Kool-Aid remarks in the UK.”

At the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania this week, Joe Biden hat got Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to support NATO membership for Sweden by promising Turkey an “$11-13 billion line of credit” from the International Monetary Fund, Hersh reports. “Biden had to have a victory and Turkey is in acute financial stress,” Hersh’s source said.


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