“Let Me Just Say a Friend Called Me” – Dan Bongino Reveals Latest Insider Info on Biden White House Cocaine Scandal (VIDEO)

Guest post by David Greyson

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino appeared on Newsmax on Wednesday to discuss the Biden White House cocaine scandal with host Eric Bolling.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the Secret Service closed its investigation into the Biden White House cocaine scandal without conducting any interviews.

The Secret Service recently concluded its investigation into the cocaine scandal that rocked the White House earlier this month.

No suspect was identified and the Secret Service didn’t interview any of the more than 500 potential culprits.

GOP Congressman Tim Burchett said the Secret Service destroyed all the DNA evidence after they blew up the baggy of cocaine.

Dan Bongino told Eric Bolling about a phone call he received from a ‘friend’ on the inside who offered up a different scenario.

“Let’s just say a friend called me up and said, ‘Don’t preclude the possibility that the cocaine found in the White House there was not accidentally left behind.’ In other words, it was left there deliberately for someone to find, and let’s just say someone else may have found it. So that’s the story I kind of heard from someone who may know a little something about something. We’ll see what happens, but they know who it is. I’m sure of it,” Bongino said.

Bongino went on to discuss that it would have been almost impossible to bring cocaine into the White House, put it in a cubby, and not leave behind some kind of evidence like DNA or fingerprints.



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