BREAKING: Federal Charges DROPPED by DOJ for MEGA Democrat Donor | Elijah Schaffer’s Top Picks (VIDEO)

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INCREDIBLE: Elijah Schaffer breaks down the top stories this week in our new video series, The Gateway Pundit’s Week-in-Review. 

SBF who is known for running the multi-billion dollar crypto investment scam network, FTX, is seeing additional federal charges dropped by the DOJ on technicalities, citing a treaty with the Bahamas. SBF is an American citizen and also happens to be the 2nd largest democrat donor in 2022, providing over $40 million to the candidates in that year alone. It sure does pay to play. He is still facing fraud charges and could see jail time.

In a shocking turn of events, the story around the mysterious drowning death of Obama’s personal chef continues to change. It was first reported that the family was not on the property during the time of his death, however, new details have emerged stating otherwise. Is this just a coincidence or is there something more sinister going on?

Speaking of deaths and crypto gurus, a millionaire crypto influencer was found chopped up in a suitcase after posting a mysterious message online. Additionally, the age of retirement in government is called back into question as Senator Mitch McConnell froze up during a press conference in what appeared to be a medical emergency. Should these people be leading our country at such an old age where their medical fitness can be called into question?

Lastly, a major bank cancels the accounts of a major corporation because the owner was skeptical of vaccines. Please let us know your thoughts and opinions on these stories in the comments below.


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