WOW – Story Changes: Barack and Michelle Obama WERE on Martha’s Vineyard When Their Private Chef Mysteriously Drowned

Former President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama own a property on Martha's Vineyard.
Former President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama own a property on Martha’s Vineyard. (@homesandgardens / Twitter)

Some would call this an interesting coincidence while others may suspect something more.

It turns out that Barack and Michelle Obama were on Martha’s Vineyard at the same time their personal chef drowned under mysterious circumstances.

Obama’s office previously claimed that the former president and his wife were not present at the residence when Tafari drowned. Now they are altering the story to say they were indeed on the property.

The Gateway Pundit reported Monday night that the body of a 45-year-old paddle boarder was found in a pond on Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard mansion. The person was later identified as Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell, who is from Dumfires, Virginia.

A 911 call came from Obama’s residence late Sunday night. It is not know at this time who dialed the police.

Police were searching for a missing black male paddle boarder in Edgartown Great Pond on Sunday night.

Listen to the dispatch call:

The Daily Mail revealed Tuesday that Barack and Michelle were staying on the property when Campbell perished. Not surprisingly, the Obamas employees had a little trouble getting their facts straight.

Initially, the Obamas’ office said they were not home. Their office clarified on Monday that they were on the island, just not at the residence when Campbell drowned.

Adding to the mystery is that Jim Hoft reported earlier Tuesday that Campbell had taken swimming lessons as recently as 2019. This seemingly contradicts initial assumptions that he may have drowned due to an inability to swim.

Here are a few photos:

Tafari Campbell doing freestyle with backstroke with arms (Source: Instagram)

Tafari’s wife Sherise released the following statement Tuesday morning via Instagram mourning the loss of her husband.

My heart is broken. My life and our family’s life is forever changed. Please pray for me and our families as I deal with the loss of my husband.

Tafari Campbell is survived by Sherise and their 19-year-old twin sons.


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