JUST IN: Trump Pleads Not Guilty, No Further Conditions Imposed, No Travel Restrictions, No Cash Bond Imposed (VIDEO)

President Trump has pleaded “not guilty” to Joe Biden’s political witch hunt and assault against America’s President over the “documents hoax.”

President Trump was indicted on 37 counts last week in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s classified documents case: 31 charges for willful retention of national defense information and 6 other process crimes that stemmed from notes memorialized by Trump’s attorney.

There are no conditions imposed on the President until his next court appearance. He will be allowed to travel anywhere in the world, and he will not have to pay to stay out of jail. This is a joke. The only people threatened by President Trump are Joe Biden and the Deep State.

The leading Presidential candidate by far Truthed before the hearing, “ONE OF THE SADDEST DAYS IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY. WE ARE A NATION IN DECLINE!!!”

President Trump also encouraged supporters to protest outside the Miami courthouse.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Right Side Broadcasting Network’s live coverage of the protest when President Trump went before a Judge to plead “not guilty” on Tuesday at 3 PM.

LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: Donald Trump Arraignment in Miami, Florida Live on RSBN

There was a massive crowd of Trump supporters outside the courthouse chanting ‘USA!” and singing the National Anthem and Happy Birthday to President Trump, whose birthday is tomorrow.

Trump campaign attorney Christina Bobb and RSBN’s Vanessa Broussard explained what comes next for the President.

Watch below:

Bobb: I don’t think it’s even going to be closed, and they’re running out of cards to play. What do you say? What’s next? What are they going to do? Are they gonna indict him? Again? There might be a couple of indictments pending, who knows? But then, but then what? What did they do? They have nothing. Donald Trump is going to survive because he didn’t actually commit any crimes. He’s going to be the most popular presidential candidate in American history again, and everyone is going to be so fed up with what the Biden Administration and what Democrats in the swamp have done to this nation. Nobody’s voting for Joe Biden if he’s still around; he may be impeached by then. So whoever they schlep there to post as their pseudo-candidate, nobody is gonna vote for a Democrat for President after everything that they’re doing to this nation. I think Donald Trump is gonna have historic wins, and I think they cannot possibly cheat enough. If we saw how badly they cheated and 2020 to defeat Donald Trump. They do not have the manpower, the resources, everything they need to cheat enough to defeat Donald Trump in 2024.

Broussard: I’m getting word right now, no further conditions imposed, no travel restrictions, no cash bond imposed, explain that.

Bobb: They’re not putting them in jail. There’s no pretrial confinement. He’s free to travel. He’s campaigning for president, and so, he’s allowed to travel around the country, if he needs to go overseas. They’re not putting any travel restrictions on him, which is what I would expect in a situation like this. He’s not gonna have to pay to stay out of jail. So, short and sweet. We live to fight another day, and fight we will, fight he will.

Broussard: Every day, we wake up, and we fight, and we fight, and we fight, and you get tired. You know, he has to get tired. But you wake up the next day, and you put up the good fight, and I don’t know when I see his energy, I get energy. When I say his love, I feel like I need to put out more love. When I hear Him say I’m not going to yield, I feel like, and it doesn’t even have to do with America, I feel like anything in my personal life. I will not yield. He’s so inspiring. How does he do what he does?

Bobb: Yeah, I mean, his enthusiasm, and his drive, and his love for this nation, I really think, is fueling the nation at this point. He is keeping our hope of freedom, our hope of independence and sovereignty, and the ability to be a free nation; he’s keeping that hope alive with what he’s doing. And I don’t know how he does it, but he does, and he absolutely is the right man at the right time to do the right job, to take the right position. I mean, he’s a godsend. He is saving this country.

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