Capitol Was Put on Yellow Alert for DC Plane Intrusion; Biden Reportedly at White House as Plane Flew Over

The plane that flew over Washington, D.C. Sunday afternoon and crashed in rural Virginia was allowed to fly almost right over the White House, according to flight tracking. The Capitol was briefly put on Yellow alert according to reports. A sonic boom heard in D.C. and in Maryland and Virginia without explanation by authorities caused a panic.

An image posted by BNO News shows the plane flying over Northwest Washington just blocks from the White House. Joe Biden’s schedule had him remaining at the White House for the weekend. There is no word yet on whether protective steps were taken to safeguard him. (Update at end of article.)

Biden’s published schedule has him remaining at the White House Saturday and Sunday.

Fox News reporter Chad Pergram reported the Capitol was put on Yellow alert but was not evacuated.

1) Capitol Security Posture Briefly Went from Green To Yellow Today Due to Errant Aircraft, Prior to Loud Boom Heard All Over Metro DC From multiple Congressional sources…There was what was termed an “AirCon” at the U.S. Capitol today…2) Fox is told that officials were tracking an aircraft that pierced the no-fly zone around Washington, DC today…3) Fox is told that security officials at the Capitol briefly flipped the alert posture from “Green” to “Yellow.” “Blue” and “Red” are higher levels of alert. Red is where they evacuate the Capitol itself…4) Fox is told that the Capitol was only at an elevated posture for a short time before determining that the plan which came into the restricted DC airspace was not a threat. Fox is told that the Capitol itself was never in any danger…5) However, Fox is told it was a few moments later when people in the Washington, DC region heard a loud boom which was audible from Annapolis, MD to Manassas, VA. Still trying to determine if these two events are related.”

Voice of America’s Carla Babb reported a source confirms the sonic boom was from jets scrambled to intercept the plane, “US military official tells me 2 fighter jets scrambled from JB Andrews to check out #Cessna that had turned around and was unresponsive. The jets went supersonic when they scrambled, causing the #sonicboom”

Details of the plane and video of flight track, “After deviating from its planned landing in Ronkonkoma, NY, N611VG a Cessna C560 jet flew right over Washington DC before contact was lost near Montebello, VA. Reports of a sonic boom were heard in the DC area, one could presume jets were scrambled to get eyes on the situatio.”

UPDATE: No action taken by Secret Service, reports CNN, “US Secret Service says they did not alter their posture for keeping President Biden secure after US fighter jets were scrambled in response to an aircraft that ultimately crashed in southwest Virginia, causing a sonic boom heard across Washington, DC.”

ABC News reports the pilot was observed to be passed out, “The jets, which were deployed from Joint Base Andrews, saw that the pilot of the aircraft had passed out, this official said. The plane subsequently crashed.”

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