BREAKING: Huge ‘Explosion’ Heard in Washington, DC Reportedly Shook the Ground Like an ‘Earthquake’ …Update: Caused by DOD Flight Sonic Boom

A massive explosion shocked the residents in the vicinity of Washington DC, echoing across nearby areas in Maryland and Virginia, Daily Mail reported.

The mysterious loud bang or explosion-like sound was so intense that it reached as far as Virginia, leaving residents puzzled and concerned about the source of the disturbance.

Some online users said it shook the ground like an earthquake.

Daily Mail reported:

Multiple agencies have received calls about the mysterious loud noise, which was heard as far as away as Virginia.

Police are said to be calling the Federal Aviation Administration and others for more information.

The Department of Homeland Security said there is no threat at this time, but no cause was given.

The home door video captured the sound of the mysterious loud bang.

UPDATE: NBC Washington reporter said the loud bang was from a “sonic boom.”

Twitter user Andrew Leyden claimed the DC Air National Guard had been given permission to go supersonic during air defense training over the Chesapeake Bay.

Maryland’s Annapolis Office of Emergency Management’s official Twitter account confirmed the loud boom was caused by an authorized DOD flight.

The authorities have determined that the cause of the loud boom that occurred at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday was just an F-16 fighter plane that broke the sound barrier while participating in military drills over the Chesapeake Bay, per Daily Mail.

The drills were said to be routine and not a result of a serious military crisis.


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