SMOKING GUN: “This Election Was RIGGED” – Kari Lake Attorneys Say “Clear Misconduct and Intent” Caused 260 of 446 Tabulators to Fail on Election Day – FILING INCLUDED

Maricopa County machine failure locations

Kari Lake attorneys appeared in the Maricopa County Superior Court for oral argument on Friday with attorneys for Katie Hobbs, Adrian Fontes, and Maricopa County.

Judge Peter Thompson is reconsidering Count Three regarding fraudulent signature verification after the Arizona Supreme Court remanded this count back to trial. He will also make a determination on Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss and Kari Lake’s Motion for Relief from Judgement to reconsider Count Two regarding illegal tabulator and printer failures at 60% of voting locations on election day.

Kari Lake is set to go back to trial for three days starting on the 17th!

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the Maricopa County attorney Joe La Rue admitted Friday that signature verification is “subjective” and “something of an art” that is open to the interpretation of whatever activist reviews the signature. “It’s not really an exact science,” stated La Rue.

JUST IN: Kari Lake Election Challenge – Maricopa County Attorney Joseph La Rue Admits Signature Verification is “Subjective,” “It’s Not Really a Hard and Fast Science” (VIDEO)

However, this was not the only smoking gun presented at Friday’s hearing.

Kari Lake War Room tweeted,

We caught them all A group of deeply corrupt election officials rejected the will of the people on November 8th, 2022 & worked to install @katiehobbsas Governor. This isn’t about @KariLake. This is about restoring the voices & votes of the people of Arizona.

@KariLake’s lawyer Kurt Olsen tells the court that in @maricopacounty ADMITTED that 260 of 446 tabulators FAILED testing before the Election. That’s 58% of the tabulators. On Election Day, 59% experienced severe malfunctions. Maricopa submitted a declaration by Elections Director Jarrett revealing that AFTER the October 11th certification for logic & accuracy, they realized that they didn’t configure the vote center tabulators to not accept provisional or early ballots. So they went in, rewrote the memory cards, installed what they said was previously approved election definition software. This totally reconfigured these machines. Under, A.R.S 16-449 it mandates that whenever something like that is done, the logic & accuracy test must be performed again. It states that both the automatic voting tabulating equipment and the software need to be tested. That voided all 446 tabulators. That on top of the tabulation test failures and the failures on Election Day, displays clear misconduct & intent. It also supports our claim that the election was rigged. @KariLake found the smoking gun. Wow.

During the conference, Lake attorney Kurt Olsen stated,

Olsen: We had alleged in our opening brief that the defendants secretly tested all 446 tabulators after the October 11 certification for logic and accuracy. Those tests, the system log files and other documents, received later, confirm that 260 of those tabulators failed, 58% of the tabulators. I would note in our complaint that based on the testimony of two over 200 witnesses who were voters at the vote centers, we pled, and this is in our reply, that equated to 59% of Maricopa County’s vote centers experienced severe malfunctions with their tabulators. It may be a coincidence, Your Honor, but it’s certainly a very close one at that. When you have 260 of 446 tabulators, which is 58%, failing a test, and then a similar percentage of vote centers failing a test before the election, in other words, they were going to malfunction, and then after the election, there’s a debacle on election day as we know. Maricopa submitted a declaration in response to that motion by Mr. [Scott] Jarrett. They now revealed for the first time that after the October 11 certification for logic and accuracy, we realized that we didn’t configure the vote center tabulators to not accept provisional ballots and not early ballots. So we went in, we rewrote the memory cards, overrode the memory cards, installed what they said was previously approved election definition software. They totally reconfigured these machines under 16-449, It mandates that whenever something like that is done, the logic and accuracy test must be performed again. It states that both the automatic voting tabulating equipment and the software need to be tested. That voided all of these tabulators, all 446 were voided. you layer on top of the fact that over 260 of them, 58% failed, and then you get to election day. Then there was this debacle on election day at 59% of the vote centers. Your honor, the two situations before the failure on election day, the number of violations of the statute, that’s clear misconduct and intent. This evidence would support our allegation that this election was rigged, and this evidence justifies a relief from the judgment. And there’s much more detail in the paper, your honor, but I just want to add one more thing. The situation that Justice McGregor where the printers started randomly printing one or a few fit to print printers and nobody could explain why, that’s damning, Your Honor. As Mr. Parikh testified, only two things, malware or remote access.

Maricopa County attorney Joe La Rue responded to these claims, saying, “What happened was sometimes ballots misread and they can misread because the person inserts them crooked. This happens all the time.” He continues, “The log says machine failed to read the ballot. That doesn’t mean the machine failed. It means the machine did exactly what it’s supposed to do, and most often, when the ballot is inserted the next time, the machine reads it. There was no massive failure of machines.”

However, The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the election day machine failures. Voters would insert their ballots time and time again as the tabulator spit it out, causing lines of four hours or more at some locations.

La Rue further states, “the election program had been changed on the 10th and was put through logic and accuracy testing on the 11th and successfully passed, and Republican witnesses signed to that effect. Then on October 14th, 17th, and 18th, Mr. Jarrett explains in his declaration that the election program was loaded onto memory cards, the same election program that just passed Logic and Accuracy, and was placed in each tabulator that was going to be used in the election. That’s the shocking bombshell that Lake wants to grab ahold of. It’s not shocking at all Maricopa County did what it always does; it tested its equipment. It made sure that things were correct. And it put its equipment and the election program through logic and accuracy testing as law requires.”

This is further argued in a response by the County on May 10th, stating, “Lake notes that the County provided no public notice for this “testing” (which, of course, wasn’t really testing no matter Lake’s claim), and then claims that the lack of public notice violated A.R.S. § 16-449(A). [Motion at 14-15.] Wrong again. That statute refers to the required logic and accuracy testing and commands that public notice be made prior to that required test. The loading of memory cards is not logic and accuracy testing, and no public notice was required.”

However, according to newly available records, Maricopa County began pre-Logic and Accuracy testing on October 14th for at least two voting locations in Chandler, Arizona, and the legally required public notice was, in fact, not given.

Olsen states in the Motion for Relief below that this “secret testing” occurred on all 446 vote center tabulators, and “the system log [Slog] files show that 260 of the 446 vote center tabulators failed this unlawful ‘test’ generally with the same ‘Ballot Misread’ and paperless ‘Paper-Jam’ errors that plagued voters on Election Day.”

This is also corroborated by former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor’s report on the tabulation failures, which states that printers “randomly printed one or a few ‘fit to page’ ballots in the middle of printing a batch of ballots” and “proves the validity of Parikh’s testimony that this was an intentional act,” states Lake’s attorneys.

Further, as reported by Brian Lupo with The Gateway Pundit, tabulators used in Maricopa County were likely not tested at all by county officials, and if they were, they were tested inconceivably below the standards of the Arizona Revised Statute. This is despite the testimony by Election Director Scott Jarrett at trial that the Logic and Accuracy testing was satisfactorily completed.

Kurt Olsen said on Friday,

Olsen: Mr. Jarrett testified at paragraph 17 regarding the 260 tabulators that showed error codes on the Slog files of the same types of failures that arose on election day, the same codes. 260 tabulators failed between October 14th, 17th, and 18th. And the same percentage or roughly the same percentage failed with the same error code. Council wants to make it like those error codes were just the result of somebody putting in a ballot incorrectly. Mr. Jarrett parses his words just as he did at trial. He says an error code of the same “does not necessarily” mean that it was a malfunction. He never says in his declaration that the malfunction didn’t occur. He’s parsing his words.

On November 19, the AG sent a letter to Maricopa and request for information regarding the debacle on election day. They never once mentioned this, just as they never once mentioned their root cause analysis into the fit to print issue. All these things are coming out simply through the production of records, and our own analysis, and justice McGregor’s report, which unequivocally, according to the testimony of Mr. Parikh, shows malware, and Your Honor, yourself, noted, I believe in your December 24, 2022 order that if it was a setting, you would expect the same thing to occur across all ballots, which is true. If it was set, you wouldn’t expect random printing of misconfigured ballots, which is what Justice McGregor observed. That’s malware. Your Honor. This election is fatally flawed on this issue. Now, we’ve also put forward evidence that there were at least 8,000 ballots that were printed out with the same error codes associated with the fit to page issue. Those were not duplicated. That’s in Mr. Parikh’s declaration. So, there was no question these were not counted, Your Honor. And the reason why that’s significant, because those illegal ballots and any others would be accretive and would be relevant to any analysis Your Honor is going to undertake with respect to count three on signature verification, because as the Supreme Court said, we are supposed to provide and we have a mathematical basis to show that the election should be overturned. So those illegal ballots would be accretive to that issue. Your Honor, this claim should proceed to trial concurrently with count three let the defendants question Mr. Parikh, let them put up their own experts and see if they can explain, which again, 260 tabulators, Mr. Jarrett does not deny that they malfunctioned is his declaration. He gave false testimony at trial regarding this issue.

Further, Kurt Olsen and Bryan Blehm, in a Motion for Relief of Judgement, found below, mention that “Jarrett testified at least four times that he did not know of, nor did he hear of, a 19-inch ballot image projected onto 20-inch paper in the 2022 general election… Despite denying the day before that 19-inch ballots could be printed on 20-inch ballot paper, on the ‘day two’ direct examination by Maricopa counsel, Jarrett testified that: just after Election Day, Maricopa discovered that 19-inch ballots were found at three vote centers purportedly caused by certain onsite technicians changing BOD printer settings to a ‘shrink to fit’ setting (also called ‘fit to print’); and that Maricopa was performing a root cause analysis of this issue, and that ‘temporary technicians’ had caused this issue.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported on this testimony where Scott Jarrett likely lied in court on December 21st, stating he did not have a clue how 19-inch ballot images could be printed on a 20-inch paper. The next day, Jarrett changed his testimony to state that he learned of a fit-to-paper issue “a few days after Election Day” that printed “a slightly smaller image of a 20-inch image on a 20-inch paper ballot.”

Lake’s attorneys conclude, “The evidence shows that not only did Maricopa officials knowingly violate the law mandating L&A testing, but that they knew about and planned the Election Day debacle. Further, Jarrett’s demonstrably false and conflicting testimony shows that Maricopa officials are attempting to cover up their misconduct.”

Read Scott Jarrett’s full declaration below:

Scott Jarret Declaration by Jordan Conradson on Scribd

Read Kari Lake’s Motion for Relief from Judgement below:

Kari Lake’s Motion for Reli… by Jordan Conradson

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