Election Day Footage of Unbelievable Ballot Rejections in Maricopa County. It Seems Like More Than Just a Few Ballots

Last month, Kari Lake was able to finally get an election challenge before a judge and to have a case ruled on its merits.  Kind of.  The judge ended up turning the case into more of a criminal trial than a civil suit and set an incredibly high bar to prove their case.  The attorneys for Kari Lake had to show not just that the election was tainted, but also who did it, how many ballots exactly were impacted, that it was deliberate, and more.  This judge basically told anyone contemplating cheating: you can cheat, just make sure it looks like an accident, even if the same issue occurred in three other elections.

Kurt Olsen discussed the case and the upcoming appeal in an interview with The Gateway Pundit’s Brian Lupo:

New Evidence!! Kari Lake Lead Attorney Kurt Olsen Sits Down with CannCon to Discuss Lake v. Hobbs and Their On-going Appeal!


The Gateway Pundit has been one of the only news outlets to report on the actual facts and circumstances surrounding the botched election and subsequent trial from the Lake campaign.   TGP’s Jordan Conradson has been relentless in reporting the truth from the ground in Maricopa County.

Citizens of Maricopa County have argued to their Board of Supervisors that they were disenfranchised on Election Day due to high rejection rates, unacceptably long lines to vote, and unequal processing of ballots with some Election Day voters being told to drop their ballots in “Bin #3” and trust that they’ll be counted later on.

“I Know Everything You’re Hearing Is Going to Be Dropped in Bin #3 – There Will Come a Day When You Sit Before a Higher Judge” – Maricopa County Election Worker Testifies Scanners were Not Working ALL DAY – Computers Went Down (VIDEO)

Maricopa County’s Scott Jarrett testified that only three locations had the now infamous “shrink to fit” problem that caused a high rejection rate among certain Election Day ballots.  However, plaintiff’s expert witness, Clay Parikh, formerly of Pro V&V and other voting system test labs for nine years, was able to look at six randomly chosen voting centers.  All six had ballot images that were consistent with the anomaly Jarrett claimed only effected 3 voting centers.


Now, we have video that has surfaced showing just how bad the actual voting debacle was for in person voting:

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