Maricopa County Claims Employee Was Removed After Kurt Olsen Plays BOMBSHELL Video of Signature Reviewer “Verifying” Signatures in LESS THAN 2 Seconds Each – Employee Seen Working Until The End of Signature Review

Maricopa County attorney Tom Liddy and Election Director Rey Valenzuela misstated the facts yesterday claiming that they relieved an incompetent level one Maricopa County signature reviewer in Kari Lake’s trial against the stolen election.

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit shared damning evidence of at least one Maricopa County signature verifier simply clicking through signature checks significantly faster than their colleague seated next to them. In the video, you can see the ‘cyclic clicker’ blasting through images on their screen without even scrolling down, as the computer next to them can be seen doing. According to trial testimony by Jacqueline Onigkeit, signature reviewers “were told to scroll down and make sure that we verify the present green affidavit with the past history affidavits.”

The person in the video from that article, seen at the left cubicle below, “verified” over 27,000 signatures alone, which is 10,000 more than the margin of victory. As Brian Lupo of The Gateway Pundit reported, the defense claimed that the individual was fired after Lake attorneys presented it in court. The video was taken on November 10.

This morning, The Gateway Pundit reported on another video showing the same Maricopa County employee failing to verify signatures and likely approving over 5,600 signatures in about two hours.

Over 274k ballot signatures were approved by multiple individuals in less than 3 seconds each. At least one individual had a 100% acceptance rate.

Liddy responded to this video, telling the Judge in his opening statement, that “if, in fact, the individual on the left was not doing his job and as you’ve heard from counsel in his opening that all 155 level one signature reviewers were being monitored by the supervisor, that individual would have been taken off the line. And, Your Honor, you’re going to hear that that individual was taken off the line.”

However, this is apparently not true. 

As seen in the tweet below, the reviewer, who was clicking his mouse like a woodpecker and not authenticating signatures, is seen again and appears to be curing ballots on November 15, the last day of signature verification. The timestamp on the photo below confirms this.

Not only was he not “taken off the line,” as Liddy claims, but he was also boosted from level one work to curing ballots!

Maricopa County Election Director Rey Valenzuela also testified under oath that “he was removed from the process of signature verification, reassigned from the process.” To be fair, Valenzuela also stated, “there’s a skill set that’s required to perform this function, and if you are not meeting those marks, then we’ll move you to another task, whatever that may be, curing as an example.”

However, the same individual was seen reviewing signatures as a level one employee as early as October 17, and he was seen verifying signatures until November 11, when everybody else was only curing ballots.

Who knows how many ballots he carelessly approved without comparison in the roughly one month he worked?

When asked by Kurt Olsen if they were performing level one signature verification “after November 11,” Jacqueline Onigkeit testified, “no, we actually started to cure the ballots.” The individual is seen in the same spot on November 11, curing ballots like the rest of the level one reviewers.

This is consistent with the image below, which shows all signature reviewers curing ballot signatures on November 11.

Onigkeit told the Court that on “[November] 15th at noon, they sent us home.” And again, the individual who Tom Liddy and Rey Valenzuela claim was “taken off the line” or “reassigned” is seen above, curing signatures on the last day of curing, November 15.

Watch day two of Kari Lake’s trial here.

WATCH LIVE: Kari Lake Trial Against Maricopa County’s Fraudulent Ballot Signature Verification – Day 2 in Maricopa County Superior Court

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