Instant Classic! “Ron DeSanctimonious Can Kiss My Big Beautiful 2024 Presidential A**. Trump 2024 Baby LET’S GO!” Trump Supporter Makes Hilarious Parody of Ron DeSantis’ Disaster Campaign Launch (MUST SEE VIDEO)

President Trump posted an epic video last night trolling Ron DeSantis’ 2024 announcement.  The humorous ad features George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Dick Cheney, Adolph Hitler, Satan, and the FBI on a Twitter space with Elon Musk.

The video concludes with Trump entering the space and announcing, “Klaus Schwab and George Soros, I’m putting both your a**es in jail. And Ron DeSanctimonious can kiss my big beautiful 2024 presidential a** Trump 2024 baby. Let’s go!” And Trump leaves the space to the tune of “Hold on, I’m Coming.”

This is just one of the great videos President Trump posted on Wednesday.

The Gateway Pundit reported that President Trump officially responded to Governor Ron DeSantis’s 2024 presidential announcement by releasing two new videos last night.

Despite promising just two new videos, the 45th President went further and dropped another bomb on DeSantis, the deep state elites, the Devil, and the FBI last night.

The Gateway Pundit reported live on the Florida Governor’s nearly failed announcement, which was riddled with technical difficulties. The Twitter space crashed multiple times and showed up for many saying “details not available.” It was not a good look for DeSantis or Twitter. When the space finally worked, many responded on Twitter, calling it “boring AF,” “a sh*t show,” and a “yawnfest.” If this is how DeSantis’ attempt to beat President Trump will go… It’s not a great start.

LISTEN LIVE HERE: Ron DeSantis Presidential Campaign Announcement Crashes – Planned Twitter Space with Elon Musk at Four Seasons with Billionaire Donors Crashes on Launch

In the newly released satirical video, Trump also made fun of the issues that were experienced last night.

“Hello. Is my microphone working correctly?” asks George Soros after Elon welcomes listeners. The Devil responds, “I don’t think George knows how to use Twitter.” As Soros continues asking if others can hear him and an argument ensues, Ron DeSantis chimes in, “Can I please make my big announcement now? everyone just…” Soros interrupts again with “hello?” and Klaus Schwab exclaims “Just shut up, George,” while The Devil asks, “can somebody just mute George?”

Next, 82-year-old Dick Cheney goes into a coughing fit. “Dick, could you try not to cough?” asks Elon Musk. Cheney continues to cough throughout the tape.

The FBI steps in, saying, “Okay, so how are we going to take out Trump, you guys?”  Musk responds, “Guys from the FBI, this is not a private call. This is a public Twitter space. Everyone can listen in.” “Goddamnit,” says FBI before promptly leaving the space.

Watch below:

Musk: Anyway, guys, we invited everyone to this uh, this Twitter space so Governor Ron DeSantis could

DeSantis: Everyone just shut the hell up so I can make my announcement Okay?

The Devil: You go girl.

Hitler: Wait, the devil is gay?

The Devil: So what? Everyone in this call is gay.

Hitler: *screaming in German*

The Devil: I happen to know every single one of you has a secret gay lover.

Schwab, Soros, Hitler: *screaming*

DeSantis: So anyway, guys, I just wanted to announce that… I’m running for f*cking president, okay?

The Devil: Yeah, we kind of already knew about it.

Musk: Well, that concludes our Twitter space for today. Thank you to all of our

Trump: Hold your horses Elon, the real president is going to say a few words. The devil, I’m going to kick your a** very soon. Hitler, You’re already dead. Dick Cheney, sounds like you’ll be joining Hitler very soon. Klaus Schwab and George Soros, I’m putting both your a**es in jail. And Ron DeSanctimonious can kiss my big beautiful 2024 presidential a** Trump 2024 baby. Let’s go!

From President Trump’s Truth Social:

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