“No One Would Marry You, You have No Children, You Have a Cold, Lonely Life!”- Megyn Kelly Sets Keith Olbermann ABLAZE After He Tries to Dunk on Her for Defending Tucker (VIDEO)

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Megyn Kelly has certainly come a long way from her Never-Trump days on Fox News. Failed liberal news-anchor Keith Olbermann got a brutal reminder of this reality on Tuesday.

Since striking out on her own, few people in the media have done more to eviscerate woke culture and defend free speech in America. Just last week, she took apart the radical trans movement sweeping across America.

Here’s a reminder:

It should come as no surprise that Kelly has emerged as one of Tucker’s most stalwart defenders after Fox News unceremoniously fired him. When Kelly saw a clip of the jealous, mean-spirited “ladies” on the View gloating over Tucker’s firing, she put them on full blast.

Olbermann saw Kelly’s incredible tweet and decided to defend the envious, clucking hens’ lack of honor. He responded to Kelly by spewing a bunch of baseless nonsense.

This turned out to be a fatal error on his part because Kelly’s retort was the verbal equivalent of cold blooded murder. First, Kelly dragged Olbermann for previously insulting Tucker and lying in his tweet about why she left FOX and NBC.

Kelly then utterly destroyed Olbermann for living a sad, lonely existence.



Even Keith Olbermann was saying similar things comparing Tucker to a Nazi. He also for good measure decided to tweet about me because I said Tucker was going to be better off without FOX.

And something to the effect of “you got fired from FOX” and from NBC what would you know about it?

So first of all you misstate the circumstances of my departure from NBC, sir, that’s all I’m allowed to say about it.

And as for FOX, there were widely reported facts that I was offered $100 million to stay there, but the record is very clear that I left voluntarily because I wanted to raise my family. Something you don’t know anything about because no one would marry you and you have no children.

You have a cold, lonely life in which you’ve become a very, very, bitter man something I wouldn’t know anything about because my life is joyful and I managed to raise my own children.

Someday I hope you have that pleasure, but I don’t have high hopes it’s going to happen.

The only proper way to respond to a bitter bully like Olbermann is to punch back ten times harder. Kelly’s stinging tour de force is exactly what Olbermann needed and deserved.


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