“Get Woke, Go Broke!” – Fox News in Turmoil as Americans Cancel Fox Nation Subscriptions at “Record Rate” Following Tucker’s Firing

The Gateway Pundit reported on the earth-shattering news on Monday morning that Tucker Carlson and Fox News were parting ways.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” was Fox’s top rated program. Despite this, he did not do a farewell show.

Fox News’ stock cratered following Tucker’s departure.

According to far-left LA Times, Rupert Murdoch made the decision to fire Tucker over a BS discrimination lawsuit and because he dared to tell the truth about January 6th.

Murdoch was too cowardly to stand up for the network’s biggest star and offered him up as a sacrifice to the drive-by media jackals.

According to the Blaze, Fox News viewers are responding by cancelling their subscriptions to Fox Nation “at a record rate.” Fox Nation is a highly profitable subscription on demand video service with a variety of original programming. Tucker and other prominent Fox News anchors have had multiple specials on Fox Nation.

Tucker was the only reason thousands of Americans subscribed to Fox Nation, however. If social media is to be believed, the subscription service is about to go bust.

Here are what former fans of Fox News including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are saying:


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