Tucker Carlson Reveals Precisely How He Discovered the J6 Committee Members Were Lying (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson on his show Monday immediately exposed how many of the narratives propagated by the January 6 commission were vicious lies.

Among these lies were Brian Sicknick being murdered by protesters, (Tucker showed he was unharmed), Jacob Chansley aka “The Qanon Shaman” committing sedition (he marched peacefully throughout the Capitol), and Ray Epps being a patriotic whistleblower (he perjured himself before the committee.

But how did Tucker conclusively know the January 6th Committee members were perpetuating a fraud on the American public? He gave the revealing and “shocking” answer in an exclusive interview with Glenn Beck today.

WATCH (Twitchy was first to uncover the interview):

Beck: You called the J6 Committee liars…Make the case that they’re liars, they didn’t just fib a bit. These are full-fledged liars.

Tucker: Well, that was the stunning part to me. I’ve been in Washington, DC my whole life…so I kind of had a root level trust in government. The whole thing can’t be fraudulent because I know the people who worked there…

So I was shocked to learn they were lying intentionally. We have a very specific way of knowing that. When J6 Committee researchers looked at video they bookmarked it, an electronic mark on the video they watched so we know what they watched.

So there is video Chansley (QANON Shamam), Ray Epps, and Brian Sicknick that we know they watched that was not included in the (Jan.6) report, never mentioned in the hearings…This video which overturns the story they were telling, they saw but hid… that just blew my mind.

Tucker then reveals one more piece of information: not one media person in the world has asked for the Jan. 6 tapes in his possession.

Glenn Beck became the first today.

Beck: Can I get access to those (tapes)?

Tucker: As far as I’m concerned you can have access to whatever you want! I personally think everyone should have access to them. I will put you in touch with the producer who is dealing with the Speaker’s office.

Beck: So nobody from any news department contacted you and said hey Tucker what are you seeing, what have you got?

Tucker: Not ONE working journalist has texted me directly and everybody in the world has my text number including the UPS delivery driver.

Here is Tucker’s full interview with Glenn Beck.


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