Please Pray: Indigenous Chief Serere is Dying in Prison in Brazil

Pastor and Chief Serere of the Xavante tribe is still being held in solitary confinement in federal prison in Brazil, after three months without decent charges or trial. Supporters fear he “is dying” due to health conditions. Serere was arrested by heavily armed judicial police Dec. 12 before his wife and children in Brasilía for the crime of protesting. Approx. 500 political prisoners are still being held in Federal Prison in Brazil after the fake Fedsurrection of Jan.  8.

Serere has lost more than 20 kilos (44 lbs.) and is held in solitary confinement without contact with other people, according to a lawyer who was able to visit him in prison.

His health situation is very serious. He has acute diabetes, which has deteriorated over the last 3 Months in prison: Serere has blurred vision, which make it very difficult for him to see clearly, and shows signs of kidney failure, urinating foam. He does not get proper food for his diabetes.

Serere is accused of crimes and threats against Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes. So the alleged victim of his crime is also responsible for his arrest and trial. He is also accused of “undermining democracy” in Case 4879 “The End of the World” against the pro-Bolsonaro protestors.  Case 4879 is kept top secret so the accused and their attorneys have no way of preparing their defense.

He can only see his wife and his lawyer. His wife Sueli lives 600 miles from Brasilía in Campinápolis in the state of Mato Grosso with their 6 kids. Sueli is in difficult financial straits and fears for her husband’s health in jail.

Serere has already suffered a medical emergency in prison and was hospitalized. He was forced to sign a “hostage letter” apologizing for his protests and doubting the election results.

Attorney Dr. Taniéli Teles de Camargo described the conditions in which the prisoners arrested Jan. 8 are being held. They are being held 10-12 together in cold, windy cells with flimsy mattresses. Many suffer from colds, flu and fevers and are being refused medical treatment. Prisoners suffer from ear infections and urinary infections, chronic coughs and sore throats. Many do not have adequate clothing or blankets. The showers are cold as well. Ürisoners who complained of illness were diagnosed with “Covid” and taken to isolation cells with 15-18 other sick inmates, where they were held for 8 to 10 days, Teles de Camargo said.

Roughly 500 political prisoners are still being held after the fake Fedsurrection of Jan. 8 (Gateway reported). Hundreds of others are being held under house arrest, with ankle bracelets, and not allowed to use social media or conatct other protestors. They still face charges and may face between 4 to 30 years jail. The Senate is now pushing for a federal inquiry into the events of Jan. 8.

Please pray for Chief Serere. You can support Sueli Serere Xavante via Paypal at [email protected].




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