Brazil Indios Warn “There Will Be Blood” If Chief Not Freed

Chief Serere Xavante has been illegally detained for the crime of free speech; crickets from so-called human rights defenders

The corrupt Brazilian Supreme Court is persecuting Indios who are protesting their disenfranchisement as Western “human rights” NGOs remain shamefully silent. Four more Indios have been arrested for the crime of free speech. Supporters proclaimed “there will be blood” if Xavante tribal Chief Serere is not freed.

Gateyway Pundit reported on the brutal arrest of Chief Serere Xavante before his wife and children Monday, which the abusive Supreme Court used as a pretext to incite violence and deploy provocateurs to riot, as reported.

“For 42 days, we have been protesting peacefully… until now. Unfortunately, these people  think they own the country and have been committing atrocities. If you don’t order the release of our Chief, there will be blood”, journalist Fernanda de Salles reported an unidentifed Indio as saying.

Lawyer Ricardo Vasconcelos has appealed to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the case of Chief Serere Xavante: “The arrest of Serere constitutes a crime under Article 58 and 59 of Statute 6001/73, exacerbated by the fact he is a tribal leader, and violates due process and the special legal status of the Indigenous. For the first time in modern history, a leader of the indigenous peoples has been arrested for the crime of free speech, and his attorneys cannot even defend him, because they do not know what crime he has been charged with. This is the sign of a tyrannical regime, in which anyone with a differing opinion can be arrested. The charge of endangering democracy is not a crime, because it is not defined.”

Speaking in Brasilía, Pastor Chief Kleber, from the same tribe as Serere, said they are hiding in tents outside the Planalto Military Command for fear of being arrested.”The Indio chiefs are being persecuted by the Supreme Electoral Court,” Kleber said. “The police treat us like criminals, but it is actually the police who are acting like criminals.” Four more Indios were reportedly arrested yesterday.

“I plead with the international courts to intervene on our behalf,” Kleber said. “If you love Brazil, if you love your country, speak up for us,” he said, calling all all indigenous Brazilians to support the protests.”I call on all Indeigenou, on all truck drivers, farmers and businessmen, becaus eif we are not able to stop the communists, in a year, Brazil will be like Venezuela.”

Many Brasilian Indios support President Bolsonaro because he respects them and protects them against Western “Climate” activists who want to make them live in the Stone Age, and take away the rights to their territory in the name of the “environment”. Shamefully, leftist “journalists” like the Guardian’s Thomas Traumann remain completely silent about the persecution of the indigenous people, only wanting to protect their corrupt, convicted criminal Communist candidate Lula da Silva. Shame on you, Traumann.

On Thursday, 12/8, indigenous protestors led by Serere Xavante clashed with police on the access road to Brasilía airport as they were attacked by a leftist trying to run them down with his car:


At a speech by Supreme Court Justice Dias Toffoli, Chief Justice Alexander de Moraes “was caught on camera laughing about all the people he is going to arrest and fine”, Creative Destruction reports. Smiling, Moraes said he “still has a lot of people to arrest.”

Indigenous leaders  participating in the patriotic protests in Brasilia appealed for help from the international courts to put an end to the abuses that have been taking place by the ministers of the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

After camping out in the capital for more than 40 days, they saw Chief Serere, one of the protest leaders, arrested on Monday by the Federal Police, at the behest of Moraes.

Indigenous leaders spoke to GN USA WEBTV about their fight for the future of Brazil:


“Our Brazil is going through a dark phase, driven by a corrupt system. In this civil mobilization, the whole of society, regardless of ethnicity, is involved. Be Indian, black, white, yellow. One great big family, within the principle that represents our country, under the green and yellow flag.

We have started to express our anguish and indignation at what has been happening to our country for decades.

These people who are corrupted by a criminal system,  are doing everything they can, to return to power, harming their own homeland.

We have been mobilized and protesed for 43 days, following by the Brazilian constitution, for God, homeland, family and freedom.

All this time, we managed to mobilize good people in front of the Army headquarters in Brasilia.

Within this protest journey, everything was  always done in an orderly and peaceful way, in order to make Brazil free from this communist, socialist system which it is against our homeland.

These people are committing atrocities against the native indigenous peoples, without any constitutional criteria, disrespecting the family and children, who just want to be free. We want to have our territories preserved, particpate in formulating public policy, and preserve our freedom, not only of expression, but the freedom to live with dignity, freedom to be able to be productive, to have and economy and sustainability. This what many Brazilians want.

But in this corrupt system, we havebeen censored, oppressed, and threatened, physically, psychologically and emotionally.

The arrest of Chief Serere caused a revolt, due to the way it was carried out, in an authoritarian and unconstitutional manner.

“Our great traditional leader Serere, who was speaking the truth, fighting to exercise democracy, fair justice and freedom of expression, so that we could lead our country in a true and considerate way for all. He fought this system that only has its own interests.

This is what Justice Alexandre de Moraes wants to suppress.

They arrest parts of the population, fining good workers who generate economy and food for Brazil and the world.

We are the original owners of this land. 522 years ago we were invaded.

There were millions of indigenous Brazilians. Today we are a minority. But we are resisting. And we want to share what Brazil has today. Fairly.

Our chief Serere was  arrested unconstitutionally Alexandre de Moraes ordered the kidnapping of our chief Serere. We are now asking for help.

Help us. If we allow this to happen, this demon will destroy us . In these 45 days of peaceful and orderly protests, a family mobilization, no incisdents have occurred. We have already protested many times, calling for the Armed Forces to do something.

We  call on President Jair Messias Bolsonaro to take action in favor of the homeland, in favor of the Brazilian people.”

Another leader of indigenous peoples directly appeals to international courts for help:

“This is a plea for help from all the indigenous peoples of our country.

We know  our country is fantastic. It is wonderful. Our land, our fauna, our flora, our life is wonderful.

But we are in a new phase of the world , where people are at the mercy of a corrupt system that wants to arrest us, imprison us like animals in a cage.

Alexandre de Moraes doesn’t care about our laws. He is the law.

And if the international court does not stand up for us, we will perish.

Our country is going through its worst days. If they do nothing, what will become of the future of Brazil, which is still the breadbasket of the world?

We demand justice for ourselves, because our laws have been broken. Moraes is a dictator, for party reasons, ego, vanity and financial too.

Our country is rich.  But there are people above us, taking away our rights to work, to live, to raise our children.

There is a leftist police force that is operating against us. Communism is destroying everything. And now it comes against us indigenous peoples. We are not  being treated like citizens, but like criminals. Our leader has been arrested.

There is no more freedom. There is no more respect. They are trying to destroy us, and they are succeeding. So we ask for help.

What we ask for is the right to live on this sacred land. Get up, because this is the moment. We are fighting against the system, and this system is worldwide”.

“We have been here for over 40 days. We are not just indigenous people, we are Brazilian citizens who love our country, our flag. We want to live free without anyone telling us how to live. We are the voice of our people. And we are persecuted for speaking the truth. We see criminals crowned as saviors of the homeland, and good people, working people, being treated as criminals for speaking the truth, for asking for freedom. That’s why we implore you to help us. A dictator wants to make his own laws. Our only crime is speaking the truth. That upsets a lot of people.

We are very angry at how Serere was apprehendend and taken to prison. He was arrested like a bandit.

Here we see good people being taken as criminals and bandits being crowned”, says another Chief.

Another leader recalled that the native peoples have been in tBrazil for over 500 years, but that they are not being respected anymore. “I feel cornered because we are chiefs. We, the indigenous peoples, were in charge in Brazil. When they arrived, we were already here. But we weren’t selfish. Brazil is so great, that we welcomed those who flee their country with open arms.

But today it is a shame, because politicians are corrupted by this system. They didn’t arrest Chief Serere, they kidnapped him. We askthe international courts for help. Do we no longer have the right to come and go? They arrest those who demonstrate peacefully. How long will this happen in our country – tha a bandit has more rights as a citizen than the working people. International court, help us, because our country is being ruled by a criminal. We are not going to give up. Brazil is our country.

We are suffering at the hands of these corrupt bandits, whoi have no authority. We asked the Deputies and Senators to represent us, but there are only thieves. We see people starving in Venezuela. That’s what they want in Brazil. But we will not accept this.

Why was Serere arrested? Did he killed anyone? Did he rape anyone? No. These are the people who should be in jail.
They want those people to take over our Brazil, but we are not going to let them. We were born here, we live here and we will die here for our Brazil”, adds another indigenous leader.




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