Is the International Media and Global Socialist Movement Trying to Make Brazil’s Sunday Protests Their Jan 6 Event and Reichstag Fire?

The protests on Sunday in Brazilia, the Brazilian Capital are being portrayed by the socialists and the media as a violent and harrowing event led by anti-Bolsonaro protests. 

In the US, Democrat Rep. AOC called the protesters fascists while calling for them all to be punished.

BRAZIL UPDATE 5: AOC and Other Globalists Claim Today’s Protests Were Done by Fascists and Those Who Disagree Lula’s “Win” Should be Punished

Just like Jan 6 protests, the far-left socialists don’t want to discuss why the people were protesting.  They only want to punish.

In Brazil, there is information supporting the elections that are required to be available for review by the military in their review of the election, but this was never provided.  The reason it was not provided is that Lula would be removed from office if it was.

“Brazil…Live[s] Under Judicial Tyranny…Who Judges the Judges?” – Mathew Tyrmand Lists the Massive Issues Found in Brazil’s Presidential Election

Frank Gaffney called the protests on Sunday Brazil’s Reichstag fire.

Brazil is Latin America’s largest country and a strategic prize for the region’s Marxists and their sponsors in Beijing. So, restoring the Communists’ leader, Lula da Silva, to its presidency was a top priority, one accomplished in elections last year many Brazilians believe were fraudulently decided.

For some 70 days, millions of Lula’s opponents turned out peacefully in cities across the country urging the military to intervene pursuant to its constitutional duty in the event elections were deemed to have been stolen.

The armed forces did not act. And, after Lula took office on January 1st, key government buildings in Brasilia were attacked, apparently by a combination of leftist provocateurs and supporters of former President Jair Bolsanaro, who has denounced those responsible.

Like Hitler’s Reichstag fire, count on the Marxists to use this pretext to suppress their opponents – and freedom.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro condemned the attacks on Sunday:

Bolsonaro compared the attack to left-wing riots that occurred across Brazil in 2013 and 2017, saying any such protests were outside the law. Sunday’s attack saw thousands of pro-Bolsonaro rioters wearing Brazil’s green and yellow colors smash windows and loot the seat of their nation’s government.

“Peaceful demonstrations, within the law, are part of democracy. However, vandalism and the invasion of public buildings like today’s acts, and like those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, are an exception,” Bolsonaro wrote in a statement, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Like the German media of the 1930’s, the facts rarely matter and are rarely reported in today’s media.  This may be the first time that American media reported on the protests in Brazil since the election in late October.  But the media doesn’t report on the millions and millions of peaceful protests since the election just like the media didn’t report on the million peaceful protesters on Jan 6 in DC.

Today’s media is a tool often used to produce narratives not to report the truth.  The protests on Sunday in Brazil are another example. 

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