Hundreds of Masked Stanford Students Protest Dean For Apologizing to Judge

The Gateway Pundit reported that Stanford officials allowed law students to berate and shout down a federal judge who was invited to speak at the university.

Students shouted at Judge Kyle Duncan, a Trump appointee, and made it impossible for him to speak.

It is disturbing to think these students will some day be prosecutors, judges and part of the DOJ.

The far-left students were reportedly upset about Judge Duncan’s refusal to use a transgender sex offender’s “preferred pronouns” in a 2020 opinion, the Free Beacon reported.

When Judge Duncan asked for an administrator to quell the chaos, Tirien Steinbach, Associate Dean of “diversity and equity, instead berated Judge Duncan for almost 10 minutes. 

Following the disgusting display, Stanford University President Tessier-Lavigne and Stanford Law Dean Jenny Martinez offered Judge Duncan issued an apology in a letter.

Angry with the apology, hundreds of masked students stormed Dean Martinez ‘s classroom to protest, vandalizing the room with signs.

Image: @espinsegall/Twitter


The New York Post reports:

“Counter-speech is free speech,” argued many of the fliers — a claim that was printed on most of the students’ masks, the outlet said.

“We have free speech rights too,” read another, while a third demanded an apology.

At the end of her class, all but a handful of Martinez’s class of 60 stood and stared at her silently to suggest they were also being silenced, students said.

Hundreds more then formed a human corridor from Martinez’s classroom to the building’s exit — with those not joining in complaining that they were shunned, according to the report.

They gave us weird looks if we didn’t wear black” and join, first-year student Luke Schumacher told the Free Beacon.

“It didn’t feel like the inclusive, belonging atmosphere that the DEI office claims to be creating.”

Another student, who was not identified to avoid retaliation, called it “eerie.”

“The protesters were silent, staring from behind their masks at everyone who chose not to protest, including the dean,” the student said — suggesting a similar silent show of objection would have been fitting for Duncan, who was instead stopped from speaking.


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