Dr. Eric Nepute Is Fighting for First Amendment Rights and Natural Medicine in Case Against Corrupt DOJ

Dr. Nepute is the very first doctor that the federal government accused of violating the COVID Consumer Protection Act. His case is the first case and a civil case.

He is being sued for $40,000 per violation where Dr. Nepute told the world that they should take vitamin D and zinc to help them deal with COVID on any level.  Yes, that’s right, he told people to take vitamins and the government is suing him for doing so.  In total, the government is suing him for over 12 million instances where his advertisements were heard.

$40,000 x 12,000,000,00 = $500 billion is the amount that the government is suing Dr. Nepute for.

In a November interview with TGP, Dr. Eric Nepute shared about his run-in with the US government.  See this interview for a list of the many injustices the US government placed on Dr. Eric and his company.

“I Humbly Risk It All Because I Know God Is In Control” – Dr. Eric Nepute Discusses Multi-Billion US Govt Case Against Him for Promoting Vitamins to Combat COVID

Yesterday, Dr. Nepute provided an update on his case with the US government on the Joe Hoft Show. Dr. Nepute shared the following (starting at the 18:00 minute mark in the audio clip below).

Joe, I used common sense… Joe we’ve known about another six corona viruses that have affected mankind for over 100 years.  We’ve know remedies for coronaviruses.  In fact, in 2010, NIH, Tony Fauci signed off on this study.  Dr. Ralph Baric , who was the godfather af gain of function for SARS COV2, did a study and he found out that zinc was one of the antidotes for coronavirus.

So we came out and said hold on, there’s a 150 year old homeopathic remedy, high dose vitamin D, high dose zinc, quersotin, vitamin C, rest, have some chicken noodle soup, stay hydrated, you’ll be fine.

It turns out we were right then.  We’re right now.

For this Dr. Nepute was attacked and sued by the DOJ to protect Big Pharma.  They shut down his bank accounts.  The government colluded with Facebook and Google to shut him down.  He’s unable to get a loan due to the government’s mark against his credit.

They violated Dr. Eric’s first amendment rights.  Ultimately this is natural medicine on trial.  It’s a first amendment case on trial.

FightwithEric.com is where you can go to help Dr. Eric.  Fight for medical freedom with Dr. E.

Listen to the entire interview below.

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