“I Humbly Risk It All Because I Know God Is In Control” – Dr. Eric Nepute Discusses Multi-Billion US Govt Case Against Him for Promoting Vitamins to Combat COVID

Dr, Eric Nepute says that his mom taught him to do what’s right and to stand up against bullies for people who cannot stand on their own.  Now he’s facing the Federal Government – a very big bully. 

Dr. Nepute is the very first doctor that the federal government came after for an accusation of violating the COVID Consumer Protection Act. His case is the first case and a civil case.

He is being sued for $40,000 per violation where Dr. Nepute told the world that they should take vitamin D and zinc to help them deal with COVID on any level.  Yes, that’s right, he told people to take vitamins and the government is suing him for doing so.  In total, the government is suing him for over 12 million instances where his advertisements were heard.

$40,000 x 12,000,000,00 = $500 billion is the amount that the government is suing Dr. Nepute for.

Dr. Nepute claims the following in a civil suit he has taken against the government.

Over the past 2 1/2 years the federal government has tried to make my life a living hell and my family’s life a nightmare.

The federal government convinced the Associated Press to run a international hit piece on me. Where they defamed my name, slandered my reputation, and attempted to destroy my career and healthcare.

The federal government colluded with five different banks that I work with personally and through my businesses. Every one of those banks shut my businesses accounts down and froze our assets until we moved them. We also had all of our credit card processing shut down because the federal government convinced the banks to do so.

In our medical practices we have been audited and put on temporary payment holds for the last two years with several  insurance companies even when we passed all of their audits with flying colors. In my almost 20 years of practice I’ve only had one audit before from one insurance company. Isn’t it weird that we got audited by seven different insurance companies and twice by Medicare in the last two years?

I’ve had to defend my professional licenses five times over the past 2 1/2 years as well. Successfully I might add. And I think it’s interesting that the commonality between the complaints I have is number one they’ve all been initiated by the federal government and number two they weren’t concerned about what I had said but about the amount of people that heard me say it.

The federal government restricted my business capabilities by shutting down our banks and our marketing. So our message was censored and suppressed and our resources to defend ourselves we’re limited. We immediately lost 75% of our revenues because of these restrictions. They also closed down my wife’s personal accounts because she has the same last name.

All of our social media pages were shut down primarily Facebook which was millions of people per week. And the reason why Facebook shut it down was they said that they got notice from the federal government that there was an investigation going on and that the federal government wanted them to freeze our account.

The legal system is a joke. I have personally spent almost $3 million on defending myself and the rights of every person in America for this nonsense. And we still have not even been in front of the judge. They have moved my trial date multiple times. They’ve tried to settle on multiple occasions.  What they really want is a gag order on me and big headlines in the news.

Even after we brought in some of the biggest world leading exports to my defense The Department of Justice tried to get all the expert witnesses thrown out except for their witness. Who by the way work for Washington University Hospital in St. Louis Missouri, and took a $9 million grant from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make vaccines.

I humbly risk it all because I know God is in control and he has given me this blessing to carry. He will provide the ammunition I need to win this battle.

See the below short interview with Dr. Eric Nepute.

You can help Eric at the following site – fightwitheric.com

Also, see stopmedicaltyranny.com

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