WATCH: KILLER Attack Ad Decimates Ronna Romney McDaniel for Her Horrific Record As RNC Chair and Spending Millions on Private Jets, Booze, Cosmetics – VOTE IS TOMORROW

Ronna lets Democrats take the House

A new ad from American Liberty Fund, written by investigative reporter Laura Loomer, exposes Ronna Romney McDaniel for the grifting fraudster she is.

The ad accuses Ronna of using RNC donor money for luxury travel, private jets, alcohol, personal entertainment, $64,000 worth of new clothing, and cosmetic treatments.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Ronna’s latest scandal of spending millions of donor dollars on luxury expenses since 2017. “The records also include more than $100,000 in hair/makeup services and dry cleaning expenses, which presumably are for McDaniel’s media appearances and wardrobe. Dry cleaning expenses are categorized mainly as office supplies or travel expenses, while the hair/makeup services are categorized as media preparation,” According to Red State.

Ronna reportedly spent $3.1 million on private jet services, $1.3 million on limousine/chauffeur services, $17.1 million on donor mementos, $750,000 on floral arrangements, and $80,000 in alcohol-related expenditures.

The vote for a new RNC Chair will also take place tomorrow at the $900+/night Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach in liberal California.

SCANDAL: RNC Under Ronna McDaniel Has Spent Millions On Private Jets, Luxury Items

Ronna failed at her one job, which is to fight to get Republican candidates elected.

Instead, she allowed the Democrats to steal elections in key swing states like Arizona and Pennsylvania, where she would have you believe low-IQ Katie Hobbs and mentally disabled John Fetterman won their races. She later blamed America First Trump-Endorsed candidates for their losses.

It is time for change at the RNC.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that a new Rasmussen poll finds that Mike Lindell tops both Ronna McDaniel and Attorney Harmeet Dhillon as Republican Party Chair.

Wow! Latest Poll Shows Mike Lindell Tops Ronna McDaniel and Harmeet Dhillon in Race for Republican Chair

Republican voters want a change. And Republican voters want a fighter.

Mike Lindell leads Harmeet Dhillon and Ronna McDaniel 30 to 20 to 15 for Ronna.

Ronna is getting spanked, likely due to her record of losing and abusing her donors!

Call your state’s RNC committeemen and demand they withdraw any and all support of Ronna Romney.

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates on tomorrow’s vote!

Via American Liberty Fund:

Laura Loomer: Ronna Romney McDaniel, Mitt Romney’s niece, has been the RNC Chairwoman since 2017. Under her control, Republicans lost the 2018 midterms, the 2020 presidential race, and she failed to deliver a 2022 red wave.

After violating President Trump’s cease and desist order, Ronna scammed GOP voters out of millions of dollars in donations. And what did she do with your money? They used RNC donor money for luxury travel, private jets, alcohol, and personal entertainment. She lied and said she’d use your money to investigate voter fraud, but instead, she bought $64,000 worth of new clothing. She even spent RNC funds on cosmetic and spa treatments.

Looking good, Ronna. It’s time to give the RNC a major facelift. On January 27, pray that Mitt Romney’s niece does not get elected for a third term as RNC Chairwoman free tire or Ronna Romney, paid for by American Liberty Fund not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

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