Special Meeting in Oakland Today Called to Discuss Ranked Choice Voting Results in Mayoral Race – Now the Left is Even Complaining

Now even the liberals are complaining about elections in the US being all messed up. 

This morning at 9:30am Pacific time, the Board of Supervisors in Alameda County, California (Oakland) will be discussing the recent results using ranked-choice voting in the recent Oakland Mayoral race.

The California Globe reported on this yesterday.

The Oakland NAACP is demanding a manual recount in the Mayor’s race “due to a razor-thin margin of victory of 677 votes, an unusually high number of disqualified votes, and widespread confusion surrounding ranked-choice voting (RCV).”

This comes on the heels of the Alameda County Registrar of Voters’ announcement last week that the ranked-choice voting system used by the County was not properly configured for the Fourth District Oakland Unified School District Board race in November, resulting in a new winner for the race and increased doubts over the county’s voting method, the Globe reported.

The Ranked Choice voting mistakes the Alameda County Registrar of Voters admitted are changing election results, and involve Dominion Voting Machines, one county resident told the Globe.

The leading proponents of ranked-choice voting include George Soros and his gang.

A report at the Capital Research Center shared the following:

FairVote spent $375,000 to back the ballot initiative in 2016 to make Maine the first state in the nation to adopt RCV.

While FairVote is officially nonpartisan, major donors have generally come from the Left. These include the George Soros–sponsored Open Society Foundations, the Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation, and the Soros Fund Charitable Foundation

…While the most recent accounting found less than one-fifth of RCV races in the United States resulted in the first-place vote recipient losing the election, that number is bound to proliferate as more jurisdictions adopt the formula. The goal might be to bring less polarization, but the unforeseen circumstances could lead to even less trust in American elections.

In 2022 we saw the top candidates lose in the House and the Senate due to this corrupt election mechanism.  Knowing that George Soros is behind it says it all.

Today’s meeting in Oakland is a special meeting.  Here’s the agenda and how you can join.

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