CALL THE MOVERS – Former GOP Rep Says McCarthy Is “Done” – Matt Gaetz Wants His Things Moved Out of Speaker’s Office

Unless Kevin McCarthy was able to gather up enough votes in the late hours last night he may be done. 

Kevin McCarthy was hoping to become Speaker of the House but he needed 218 votes to do so and he didn’t get them.  Three times McCarthy didn’t reach enough votes to become the Speaker.

For the first time in precisely 100 years, the vote for Speaker of the House has gone to a second vote after a majority of the whole was not established on the first.  And then it went to a third.  And now, a fourth.

Overnight, one former GOP representative, David Jolly, shared on MSNBC:

“I personally think he’s done, I don’t think there’s a path for Kevin. He may have one last shot behind closed doors, but I think his run of the speakership is probably done, and I would be surprised, Nicolle, if Kevin McCarthy is in the House of Representatives a year from now,” former Republican Rep. David Jolly of Florida told host Nicolle Wallace. “I think he resigns.”

Matt Gaetz released a memo last night to the Architect of the Capitol complaining about McCarthy moving his things into the Speaker’s office.  Gaetz says:

“Mr. McCarthy can no longer be considered Speaker-Designate”.

We reported on Monday that McCarthy had reportedly moved his things into the Speaker’s office.

Despite Some 10-15 GOP Reps Reportedly Not Likely to Vote for Him Tomorrow – McCarthy Has Reportedly Moved into the Speaker’s Office

Call the movers?

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