Evidence Shows that It’s Not Just Twitter and the FBI, the State Department, CISA, Facebook, YouTube and Google Are Also Working to Censure and Ban the Information You Receive

There is a hole in the dike.  There is more on the most shocking First Amendment crimes perpetrated by our government since the country’s beginnings. 

Elon Musk at Twitter released information that revealed the FBI was working with Twitter to censor, shadow ban, and suspend tweets and accounts from conservatives and othters.  Twitter targeted accounts posting information the government, Democrats, and social media officials did not want to be shared.

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The FBI and CIA had also infiltrated Twitter at its highest levels and were involved in company decisions at the top.

TGP reported on Friday that the government was funding fake fact checkers to manage information they opposed.  Who are these people who are so brainwashed into believing that their perceptions and ideas are the only correct beliefs?

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Digging deeper into Kimmage’s interview with the Missouri and Louisiana Secretaries of State, we find that the government’s efforts involve the State Department, CISA and Facebook as well. 

Daniel Kimmage worked as the Acting Coordinator for the Global Engagement Center (GEC) at the Department of State.  As noted above, Kimmage was recently deposed.  During his questioning, he also discussed a situation where the GEC was forwarded some information from “a state official called Alex Dempsey” who also worked at the GEC.

Dempsey flagged a “disinformation” campaign on YouTube.  This information was forwarded from the GEC to CISA.  This information was then forwarded to Facebook.  The Facebook recipient responded, “Thank you” for the information.

This information was also forwarded on to Twitter and Google.

As we have known for years now, Twitter was not the only platform working with government to silence conservatives.  Google, YouTube and Facebook have also been doing this for years.


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