HUGE: Chris Wray Lied – Eight FBI Confidential Human Sources Were with the Proud Boys Alone on Jan. 6 – Wray Knew for Over a Year that FBI Infiltrated Jan. 6 Protests (VIDEO)

Kash Patel shared in Kash’s Corner on Epoch TV that if the FBI had informants at the Jan 6 protests, then the FBI knew they had operatives in the crowd.

In a recent Epoch TV show, Kash Patel pointed out that the FBI had to know for up to a year that the Jan 6 protests were going to occur.  If this is the case then the FBI must have known about the operatives in the crowd that day.

Chris Wray has repeatedly lied about this in front of Congress.

What is going on?

Kash Patel shared on his show, Kash’s Corner that the FBI has to train confidential human sources for a year before putting them into action.  In this case there were 8 confidential FBI informants at the Jan 6 protests with the Proud Boys, several more with the Oath Keepers, and several others in the crowd

If this is the truth then Wray lied repeatedly to Congress.

The Storm Has Arrived shared this important video on Telegram:

Kash brings up a very interesting point.It’s recently been reported that there were 8 FBI confidential human sources (at least) at the Capitol on January 6th. If true, it means the FBI was planning for January 6th for about a year prior to the event.

If they were planning this for at least a year, you know what else they were planning? A stolen election.

Here is the transcript from Kash Patel on Chris Wray and his FBI operatives on January 6.

Kash Patel:  From a former federal prosecutor perspective, let me just give you that lens. If we’re to believe the reporting that there’s eight, not one, eight confidential human sources and possibly even dressed in pro-Trump gear, you have to hit a timeout button and say, wait a second. It’s not like the FBI found these people and said on January 5 and said, go forth. A confidential human source for the Federal Bureau of Investigation requires a minimum of a six-month onboard vetting process. Then you have to go through the rules and regulations on how to be a confidential human source.

And once all of that happens and the FBI does their own internal verification to approve not just your background but your relationships and your financial stability, do you have ties to enemies of the United States and things like that?  There’s an extensive process there. We exposed. We being Devon and I when we ran Russia Gate, we expose Christopher Steele’s source verification process at the FBI, which at the time was classified but now has been put out. When the FBI themselves determined Christopher Steele would basically be a terrible source.

But they decided to use him anyway because they needed him to COVID up their corruption. Now let’s relate that to January 6. How do we have eight people there and Christopher Ray, we’ll get to him in a second refused to answer questions about it. You have to ask yourself, okay, well, that was in planning for at least a year. What was the FBI doing planning January 6 for a year?

Christopher Wray has testified that the FBI never instigated or helped the January 6 protesters commit crimes. Then there was a testimony from the FBI and Christopher Wray about January 6 where he says, we, the FBI had no evidence that January 6 was going to happen. The two cannot coexist.  Jan, you either have eight confidential human sources who have been working for a year and placing them in specific groups and locations for January 6 or you don’t have evidence that January 6 is going to happen. Now we have caught Christopher Lord Ray and yet another lie to Congress because these confidential human sources would have been reported by mandate and the law to the FBI the entire time they were working in these groups and working with these people and working with individuals that were there on January 6.

You can’t just AirDrop them in. So when Christopher Ray told the world that the FBI had no quality or no verifiable or credible evidence that January 6 was going to happen, that’s a complete and total lie because they had placed the FBI confidencial human sources there. Now the millions of questions that follow are who do they place? Where do they place them? How do they verify them?

What do they get paid? And then why is the FBI lying to the world about their involvement in January 6? And look at the end of the day, it could be completely innocent. You have to always keep that as a former federal prosecutor, you have to always keep that in mind. But their track record suggests strongly the opposite of the individuals we’ve outlined and how they’ve used their confidential human Source corruption cover-up network to do just that.

Cover up the FBI and DOJ’s own corruption. And if it happens yet again, I don’t think that this FBI leadership has the ability to stand up in front of Congress and say, we can continue to lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and there needs to be some serious change.

See the video below:

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