Brandon Straka Files a Defamation Suit Against MSNBC, Chris Hayes, and Ari Melber for Egregiously Malicious and Untruthful Reporting

Brandon Straka from the Walkaway campaign is suing MSNBC, Chris Hayes and Ari Melber for “malicious and untruthful reporting.”

Brandon Straka has an amazing story.  He voted for Hillary in 2016.  But President Trump won the election he decided to try to understand why and, when he did, he decided to follow the President himself.  He then created a campaign he named “walkway” where he encouraged others to leave the corrupt DNC as well.

Then came the 2020 Election and the certification of the uncertifiable election for Joe Biden.  Straka went to the Capitol to protest the stolen election.  He never entered the Capitol and instead was with Americans singing songs and praying for the country.  Yet, he was arrested and went through hell for the next year as the goons in Washington, DC went after him.

Straka spoke with TGP after the abuse he endured for going to the Capitol.

“There Are People Like Myself Who Were Charged with Nonviolent Misdemeanor Charges, Our Lives Are Being Torn Apart” – WalkAway’s Brandon Straka (VIDEO)

On his birthday,Friday, December 16th, Straka announced that he filed a defamation suit against the crooked and dishonest media.

Brandon Straka filed a defamation suit against MSNBC, Chris Hayes, and Ari Melber today and stated this is just the “first in a strategic string of lawsuits” he will be filing against various media outlets and individuals for egregiously malicious and untruthful reporting about the details of his misdemeanor charge related to the 8 minutes Mr. Straka spent outside the Capitol shooting a video to document what was happening.

The suit seeks relief for Hayes’ and Melber’s grievously false statements about Mr. Straka’s conduct and “involvement” with the events of January 6th.

On his prime time show All in with Chris Hayes , Hayesstated “We got a guy [showing video of Brandon Straka] who was there, who was involved in the lead up to the insurrection…who breaks into the Capitol”.

Brandon Straka never entered the Capitol on January 6th, and was never accused of or charged with any act of violence, vandalism, theft, or destruction.

MSNBC and Hayes also play a segment of Straka’s video and falsely attribute a voice in the video to Straka, misleading the audience by ascribing that Straka shouted, “Take it away from him! Take the shield!”. Hayes states, “the ‘take the shield, take the shield’, that’s him [Brandon Straka] yelling that”.

Straka’s Statement of Offense states that his voice can be heard repeating only the words “take it, take it”. Straka was not accused of “yelling” these words. Straka’s defense pointed out that throughout the video Straka is heard repeating the words being said by those around him as he documents the activity for the video’s audience. Straka’s Statement of Offense does not indicate that he gave a directive to encourage any act of violence or assault. This was a pure fabrication created by MSNBC.

On a subsequent MSNBC broadcast of The Beat with Ari Melber, host Ari Melber brought up Brandon Straka to conservative personality Matt Schlapp stating, “He [Straka] was convicted in connection with the January 6 insurrection. He was found to have been trying to help attack police officers…His name is Brandon Straka. He confessed. He confessed to being guilty. He was found to [have been] helping attack police”.

Straka’s lawsuit against Melber states: “The Melber Statements are materially false because Straka did not confess and was not found by any Court to have helped attack police officers or to have attempted an attack on any police officer. Indeed, the public record… demonstrates beyond cavil that Straka did not engage in any acts of violence or encourage anyone to commit violence on January 6, 2021. Rather, he was filming events outside the east side of the Capitol in a journalistic capacity.”

Brandon Strakahas stated that this is merely the first in a string of lawsuits which will be strategically issued in an effort to hold the media accountable for malicious destruction of the lives and reputations of conservative Americans with blatant lies, false attribution, conjecture, and obscene exaggeration about the details of petty offense charges relating to January 6th.

See the full statement here.

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