Why Did Pence Release Sections of His Upcoming Book Yesterday? Was This All Coordinated?

Why did former VP Mike Pence release excerpts from his upcoming book yesterday only two days after the election?  It’s as if he wanted to attack President Trump too. 

Yesterday Mike Pence released a section of his book to the Murdock group.  This was news because he too was hammering President Trump and blaming him for the GOP’s results in the 2022 midterms.

Pence’s New Memoir Throws Trump Under The Bus For Questioning 2020 Election — Forgets He Promised Trump Voters, “We’ll Hear The Objections, We’ll Hear The Evidence”

Americans thought that Mike Pence was a man of character until Jan 6.  That’s when at the last minute while the President was giving his talk in front of the Washington Monument in front of a million Americans protesting the stolen 2020 Election, Pence released his memo on why he was going to certify the uncertifiable results in certain states.

We wrote on the morning of Jan 6 that we will soon know whether Mike Pence will be an American legend or a part of the Deep State.

Today In a Matter of Minutes – Vice President Pence Will Become Known in History as a Hero or a Traitor – Which Will It Be?

Unfortunately, he turned out to be the latter.

It was as if Pence’s announcement on Jan 6 was part of a coordinated effort.

Now we have to listen to Pence claim that Trump is the problem?  He releases a section of his book saying this right after the midterms?

You have to wonder if this was all coordinated – again.

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