Today In a Matter of Minutes – Vice President Pence Will Become Known in History as a Hero or a Traitor – Which Will It Be?

Et tu, Brute?

Will Vice President go down in infamy alongside Brutus in the Shakespeare’s historic play about Julius Caesar?  Brutus was Caesar’s best friend who joined others in usurping the government by assassinating Caesar.  In a defining moment as he realizes his good friend betrayed him, Caesar says – And you, Brutus?

This could be Mike Pence’s fate.

President Trump messaged out this morning that it is up to Pence today to save the nation. His first message was this:

Next the President tweeted this:

Pence could be a Brutus or he could be a hero. Pence claims to be a Christian man. Would a Christian man place the lives of millions for thousands of years in slavery? This is what is going to happen should the communists get away with stealing our election.  There will be no place remaining in this world where it will be safe to go.  Freedom will be lost.

We are seeing it now.  Will this slide continue or will it stop today?

President Trump won a record number of votes in the 2020 election. No one previously had received even close to the number of votes the President received. But the fix was in. The election was rigged. Now the President is encouraging Pence to send the votes back to the swing states where one set of ballots can be recorded, in place of two:

Today quiet Christian Mike Pence burns his name into the history books. Shakespearean plays of the future will record this moment. These plays will be based on his decision today. What will VP Mike Pence do?

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