Pelosi Case “Statement of Facts” Changes… Again, Body Cam Footage Becomes More and More Imperative and Nothing Makes Sense

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week on a timeline anomaly that appeared in the offical FBI Criminal Complaint filed on October 28th.  That anomaly included an interview from a witness, Witness 1, the only unbiased, unaffiliated party known.  That witness was working security at a nearby residence.

He alleges to have seen DePape and also heard “what sounded like banging on either a door or car and then heard the sirens within a minute or two.” This is the sound likely made by Depape banging on what should be reinforced glass with a hammer.  The witness claims to have heard a siren 1-2 minutes later.  In the above-mentioned article, we show how Witness 1 either has no sense of time, or something else actually happened.

Now, we get the “Statement of Facts” from Assistant District Attorney Brooke Jenkins in a court filing and it makes no mention of any witness statement being taken.  But the story gets infinitely more bizarre.  This “Statement of Facts” makes no mention of “domestic terrorism” specialist Special Agent Stephanie Minor’s “American Founding Fathers” accusations.  The backpack in the backyard now has a laptop, not a journal.

Did that laptop access or in the last couple months?

Also, we now find out that there didn’t seem to be any sense of urgency to get out of harm’s way on the 911 call or, especially, when police arrived.   Apparently, the assailant welcomed the 911 call as he apparently watched Pelosi put the phone on speaker as he wielded his hammer “three feet away” from Pelosi on his “suicide mission” that involved a lot more than just Pelosi.  Sounds legit: let your “victim” call the cops and you still don’t attack him until the cops arrive.  So much for his “mission.”



In the middle of the night, Defendant smashed through a window in a back door of the Pelosi home in search of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives,  Nancy Pelosi.  But Speaker Pelosi was not home, only her 82-year-old husband, Paul, who slept upstairs in his pajama top and boxer shorts.

Standing over Mr. Pelosi’s bedside just after 2:00a.m., Defendant startled Mr. Pelosi awake by asking “Are you Paul Pelosi?”  Defendant carried a large hammer in his right hand and several white, plastic zip ties in his left hand.  Defendant then repeated, “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?”  Still groggy from being suddenly awoken, Mr. Pelosi responded, “She’s not here.” Defendant then demanded, “Well, when is she going to be back?”  “She’s in Washington, she’s not going to be back for a couple of days.” Defendant responded, “Okay, well, I’m going to tie you up.”

Mr. Pelosi stood up and tried to leave by the elevator near the bedroom, but Defendant held the door, preventing Mr. Pelosi from escaping.  Mr. Pelosi then returned to the bedroom, sat on the bed, and asked Defendant why he wanted to see or talk to Nancy.  “Well, she’s number two in line for the presidency, right?”  When Mr. Pelosi agreed, Defendant responded that they are all corrupt and “we’ve got to take them all out.”  When Mr. Pelosi asked if he could call anyone for Defendant, Defendant ominously responded that it was the end of the road for Mr. Pelosi.

Still trying to escape from Defendant, Mr. Pelosi asked to use the bathroom;  Defendant allowed him to do so.  Mr. Pelosi stood up and walked to the bathroom where his phone was charging. Standing in the bathroom, Mr. Pelosi grabbed his phone, turned it on, called 911, and put the phone on speaker.  Watching Mr. Pelosi, Defendant stood about three feet away, still holding the large hammer and the zip ties.  During the 911 call itself, Mr. Pelosi said that there was a gentleman there waiting for his wife- Nancy Pelosi- to come back.  But Mr. Pelosi said they would have to wait because his wife would not be coming back for about a day.  Mr. Pelosi could see Defendant gesturing and heard Defendant tell him to get off the phone.  To diffuse the situation, Mr. Pelosi told the dispatcher that he did not need police, fire, or medical assistance.  Trying to be calm and discreet while also trying to help dispatch to understand the situation, Mr. Pelosi then asked for the Capitol Police because they are usually at the house protecting his wife.  The dispatcher clarified that Mr. Pelosi was calling San Francisco police;  Mr. Pelosi said that he understood and then asked someone, “I don’t know, what do you think?”  Another man responded, “Everything’s good.”  Mr. Pelosi then stated, “Uh, he thinks everything’s good.  Uh, I’ve got a problem, but he thinks everything’s good.”

When the dispatcher told Mr. Pelosi to call back if he changed his mind, Mr. Pelosi quickly responded, “No, no, no, this gentleman just uh came into the house uh and he wants to wait for my wife to come home[.]”  The dispatcher then asked Mr. Pelosi if he knew the person and Mr. Pelosi said that he did not.  Mr. Pelosi then said that the man was telling him not to do anything.  The dispatcher then asked Mr. Pelosi for his name and address and Mr. Pelosi gave the dispatcher both.  Mr. Pelosi then said that the man told him to put the phone down and just do what he says.  The dispatcher then asked for the man’s name and the manresponded, “My name is David.” When the dispatcher asked who David is, Mr. Pelosi said, “I don’t know,” but David said, “I’m a friend of theirs.”  Mr. Pelosi then confirmed with the dispatcher that he did not know the man.  “He’s telling me I am being very lazy, so I’ve gotta to stop talking to you, okay?”  When the dispatcher offered to stay on the line with Mr. Pelosi to make sure everything is okay, Mr. Pelosi said, “No, he wants me to get the hell off the phone.”  The call ended.  Based on her training and what she heard, dispatcher Heather Grives issued an “A” priority well-being check.

After the call, Defendant said that he was tired and needed to sleep ; he also told Mr. Pelosi that he had a backpack downstairs with a whole bunch of stuff inside.  They proceeded downstairs with Defendant walking behind Mr. Pelosi still holding the large hammer and the zip ties.  Turning on the lights, Mr. Pelosi could see where Defendant entered the house; Defendant commented that he had to bash the window several times to break through and enter. Defendant also said that the police would be there any minute; Mr. Pelosi tried to calm Defendant by saying that they would not. But Defendant responded, “I can take you out.” Defendant came around to Mr. Pelosi’s right with the large hammer upright in his hand. Afraid that Defendant would strike him with that hammer, Mr. Pelosi reached out and put his hand on the handle of the hammer.

Shortly after the initial call, Officers Kolby Wilmes and Kyle Cagney responded to the residence. When Off. Wilmes rang the doorbell, Defendant directed Mr. Pelosi not to open the door.  But Mr. Pelosi opened the door with his left hand. As the door opened, the two men stood in the dimly lit foyer facing the officers.  Mr. Pelosi nervously but calmly greeted them. When the officer asked what was going on, Defendant smiled and said, “everything’s good” and pulled his hands toward his body. When an officer turned on his flashlight, Defendant could be seen holding the bottom handle of the hammer with one hand and Mr. Pelosi’s right arm with the other.  Mr. Pelosi had his hand on the top of the handle near the hammer itself. One officer ordered, “Drop the hammer!” At the same time, Defendant raised the hammer and said, “um, nope.”  Defendant tried to pull the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi, which twisted Mr. Pelosi’s arm back.  Simultaneously, Mr. Pelosi pleaded, “hey, hey, hey!”  The officer asked again, “what is going on here?”  But Mr. Pelosi could not maintain his grip on the hammer.  A second later, Defendant wrenched the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi, immediately stepped back ,and lunged at Mr. Pelosi, striking Mr. Pelosi in the head at full force with the hammer ,which knocked Mr. Pelosi unconscious.  The officers rushed into the house, tackled Defendant, and disarmed him.  Mr. Pelosi remained unresponsive for about three minutes, waking up in a pool of his own blood.

While on scene, Off. Wilmes asked Defendant if there were any more suspects.  Defendant said that he acted alone; Defendant then looked at the glass door and said that was where he broke into the house.  Officers later recovered Defendant’s bag outside the damaged glass doors.  Inside, there was another hammer, a laptop, and more bags of zip ties.  Without any questioning, Defendant told officers and medics at the scene ,”I’m sick of the insane fucking level of lies coming out of Washington, D.C. I came here to have a little chat with his wife.”  Defendant added:  “I didn’t really want to hurt him, but you know this was a suicide mission . I’m not going to stand here and do nothing even if it cost me my life.” “Hurting him was not my goal. I told him before I attacked him, that he’s escalating things, and I will go through him if I have to.”

San Francisco Fire Department Medics responded immediately, rendered aid to Mr. Pelosi, and transported him to San Francisco General Hospital.  At SFGH,  Mr. Pelosi underwent emergency surgery to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands.  Mr. Pelosi remains hospitalized.  Upon arrest, Defendant admitted that he intended to enter the home to take Speaker Nancy Pelosi hostage and, if Speaker Pelosi lied to him, he intended to break her kneecaps.  Seeing Ring security cameras everywhere, Defendant knew he would be caught on camera.  Defendant was surprised when he found Mr. Pelosi still asleep after making some so much noise to gain entry.  When Mr. Pelosi attempted to enter the elevator near the bedroom, Defendant held the elevator door, thinking it would lead to a saferoom.  When Mr. Pelosi called 911, Defendant knew the call was being recorded. But by calling 911, Defendant believed that Mr. Pelosi pushed him into a corner.  Back in the bedroom, Defendant told Mr. Pelosi that he cannot be stopped; he has other targets . And later when police arrived Defendant, not willing to surrender, yanked the hammer away and hit Mr. Pelosi with full force.  When asked if he had any other plans, Defendant named several targets, including a local professor, several prominent state and federal politicians, and relatives of those state and federal politicians.


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