EXCLUSIVE: A Huge Anomaly Identified Between 911 Information and FBI Witness Timing of Events at the Pelosi Home – CCTV, Body Cam Footage MUST be Released!

On October 31, The Gateway Pundit published an article stating there are more questions than answers regarding the Paul Pelosi “break in”.  Many of those questions are legitimate questions that should be asked by local and national media with access to the FBI and local law enforcement.  But there’s one question that absolutely must be addressed.

In the official FBI Complaint, which reads more like something from The Babylon Bee than a federal law enforcement agency, we learned that there was reportedly mention of our Founding Fathers, the suspect wanting to take a nap while waiting for Nancy Pelosi to return in “days”, and 13 words directly quoted from David Depape, the alleged suspect.

We also learned something else extremely important from the “facts supporting probable cause”:  besides Paul Pelosi, David Depape, and responding SFPD officers, there was only one other witness to the events.  He is referred to as “Witness 1”.  This is all that is included in the complaint from Witness 1’s statement:

“SFPD Officer Colby Wilmes was able to interview a witness, Witness 1, who saw
an individual in all black, carrying a large black bag on his back, walking near the Pelosi residence where Witness 1 was parked. Witness 1 was working private security at an address nearby. Witness 1 then heard what sounded like banging on either a door or car and then heard the sirens within a minute or two.”

Keep in mind that Pelosi’s house is worth an estimated $8.5M and is in a very exclusive part of San Francisco.  When witness 1 states he is working “private security at an address nearby,” he is most likely not your average Wackenhut security guard checking IDs at a guard gate.  He was most likely hired by affluent people of some sort.  I would be willing to bet he has some form of either law enforcement, military, or special operations background.  So when he says he “heard what sounded like banging on either a door or a car and then heard sirens within a minute or two” he is probably pretty accurate in that timeline of “a minute or two” given situational awareness and attention to detail instilled in that profession.

According to a dispatch recording posted by Laura Loomer on TruthSocial, SFPD dispatchers sent out the call to units at 2:27:56.  The call from Pelosi, according to the complaint, was made at 2:23am from the bathroom in his residence.  The first car arrived on scene, according to the complaint, at 2:31am.

But according to Witness 1, from the time he heard banging, which is most likely someone banging on laminate glass with a hammer hard enough to break it, to the time he heard sirens, it was 1-2 minutes.  This timeline means that Witness 1, a security guard with professional training, was off by 6 or 7 minutes based on the above facts alone.  Count out 1-2 minutes and then 6-7 minutes.  There is a huge difference in those time frames that even a civilian with no experience can distinguish.

But that’s just the 911 timeline.

The complaint alleges that Depape provided the following information to SFPD:

  • Once Depape broke in, “which was a difficult task that required the use of a hammer,” he wandered around a fairly big house to find the master bedroom
  • Pelosi was then awaken by Depape
  • They had a conversation about Nancy’s whereabouts
  • They tried to negotiate, including Depape’s desire to tie Pelosi up so he can take a nap
  • Pelosi moves to another part of the house
  • Depape stopped him and “together they went back into the bedroom”
  • While talking, Pelosi gets up and goes to the bathroom
  • Apparently, in the bathroom, Pelosi grabs a phone and calls 911.

In the 911 timeline alone, Witness 1 was off by 6 or 7 minutes from the “break in” to the police arriving.  If Pelosi and Depape’s interactions above somehow only took a few minutes, this variation in Witness 1’s timeline and the actual timeline is getting close to double digits.  More than likely, all of this took long enough that anybody with any type of law enforcement training would realize it was more than “1-2 minutes”.

Some other interesting facts from the complaint that are worth consideration:

  • The Mirandized interview recorded by SFPD, but summarized by the FBI, only mentions a handful of direct quotes oddly placed in the FBI’s own explanation of the testimony:  “truth”, “lies”, “her kneecaps”, “leader of the pack”, “through”, and “taking the punishment instead”.  There is no reference to what the truth or lies are, or the exact terminology he used when he was saying he would break her kneecaps, or what going “through” Pelosi means and what Depape believed Pelosi was “taking the punishment instead” for.
  • Pelsoi, 82, who was reportedly knocked unconscious from the blow to the head and required brain surgery and is not yet reported as being out of the ICU, had a moment of clarity in the ambulance and was able to give SFPD officer Ariane Starks an interview and a statement on the drive to the Emergency Room.  Those medics should get a medal.
  • Pelosi also mentions that the hammer Depape used did not belong to the Pelosi family.  This is an odd, random statement.  But the complaint also mentions that Depape had a hammer in his backpack outside.  Perhaps he felt he needed a back up?  The complaint goes on to say that law enforcement found two more hammers at his garage residence.  Perhaps Depape has an obsession with hammers?
  • We learned that Special Agent with just 3 years experience, and a specialty in domestic terrorism, was put in charge of an investigation into the break in and attempted murder of the Speaker of the House’s husband, where an allegedly deranged 42 year old hemp sales man was able to gain entry without setting off any alarms or alerting any (apparently missing) security, other than Witness 1 working security for whomever is more important than the husband of the 2nd in line to the Presidency.
  • We also learned from the statement that Depape incited the Spirit of 1776 by calling upon the Founding Fathers to give him strength:  “much like the American founding fathers with the British, he was fighting against tyranny without the option of surrender.”  When police answered, he recalled that same Sons of Liberty motivation and once again stated he did not plan to surrender.  Since none of the Founding Fathers references are in quotation marks, it is unclear if Depape made that reference or if the FBI inserted it to describe Depape’s apparent unwillingness to go quietly.
  • Lastly, we learn that Depape was going to use Nancy Pelosi “generally” to lure another individual to Depape.  Who in the world are you trying to catch using the Speaker of the House, the most powerful woman in the United States, as bait??

This is all beyond bizarre.  Why was the glass to the rear door blown outward and not inward?  Is that the explanation for the 1-2 minutes as stated by the security guard known as Witness 1?

All of this can be validated or invalidated with transparency:

  • release the CCTV footage from the Pelosi’s house.
  • release all information regarding security details assigned to the Speaker of the House, second in line to the Presidency, and her husband and home, especially after the “insurrection” of J6 and the pigs blood vandalism incident at this exact home back in January 2021
  • release the Paul Pelosi call to 911 where he tells dispatch Depape is “a friend” but he “doesn’t know him”
  • release the officers body cam footage in its entirety with time stamps
  • release the recorded interview with David Depape

When there is a police involved shooting where someone loses their life, in an effort to immediately politicize it and/or quell protests, footage is released within days, sometimes hours, for someone that the entire country has no idea who they are.  When its the Speaker of the House’s husband in a bizarre story that makes absolutely no sense, we’re on day 7 without the footage from the known cameras that would have captured the entire forced entry.

Are we to honestly believe that any Joe Schmoe off the streets can just walk right up to the 2nd in line to the Presidency of the United States home and hold her husband hostage and demand God knows what?



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