ATTENTION: Ryan, Pence and Rest of the RINOs – The More You Attack President Trump, The Stronger He Gets

Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, and the rest of the RINOs are after President Trump.  They are so immersed in their own bitter tunnel vision that they can’t see that attacking President Trump only denigrates them and lifts up President Trump. 

President Trump gained 63 million votes in 2016 to beat Hillary Clinton in one of the most highly contested elections in US history.

Towards the end of the race, Hillary and her gang started claiming candidate Trump was connected to Russia.  The DOJ and Intel community got involved and carried this lie forward throughout President Trump’s term.  Individuals associated with President Trump were attacked and prosecuted for bogus crimes.

Obama contaminated the DOJ and it showed its true colors during President Trump’s time in office.

Many individuals in the GOP were silent during this time.  President Trump did nothing wrong and although the Bidens did interfere in Ukraine for selfish reasons, President Trump faced impeachment by the Democrats, and some RINOs, for actions he took to uncover the Biden crimes in Ukraine.  (Now Biden has lost $20 billion in Ukraine.)

Eventually, the 2020 Election came, and after years of daily constant messaging of “orange man bad” President Trump gained 74 million votes in 2020.  This was the most votes by any President by nearly 10 million votes or more than 10%!  It was more votes than any Republican ever, breaking President Trump’s totals from 2016.

But the Democrats and the RINOs certified uncertifiable results in the 2020 Election and claimed Joe Biden, the man in the basement who couldn’t come out, somehow gained 81 million votes shattering all records to date.  It was a lie and the whole world knows it.  To this day, Biden can’t get 1,000 people at his events.

The RINOs and Deep State actors in the corrupt Obama DOJ are still after President Trump.  The DOJ recently selected a George Soros-connected attorney to perform an investigation on President Trump even though he committed no crimes.  A Special Counsel should be independent and objective but this is not the case again.  Like the Mueller exam, this guy is totally conflicted.

Where are the voices for freedom from politicians calling out this travesty?

The silence from Democrats and RINOs and others in the GOP is noted.  Americans see this like they did the lies of the Mueller gang.

While ignoring the DOJ’s corrupt and criminal investigation, the illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago, the RINOs in the GOP are going after him for a meal he shared with a guest’s friend.

Mike Pence, who lost all credibility after cowardly ignoring the uncertifiable results of the 2020 Election and moving forward with the certification, is one of the Trump haters.

Peter Navarro: “What Mike Pence Did to Donald J. Trump – Will Go Down in History as One of the Greatest Betrayals Imaginable” (VIDEO)

Pence is calling for President Trump to apologize for dining with a man he didn’t know who was brought to dinner by a friend.  Mitt Romney claims Trump will scare voters away from GOP:

Sen. Mitt Romney compared former President Donald Trump Monday to a “gargoyle” that could scare voters away from the Republican Party — as former Vice President Mike Pence demanded that Trump say sorry…

Paul Ryan, Romney’s Vice President pick in their losing effort in 2012, is angry with President Trump.   He hates it that Trump is a winner and he’s an out-of-politics, FOX News-destroying, loser of the 2012 election.  Over the weekend he attacked President Trump again, just like he’s been doing since 2016.

He began by saying that he thinks Trump would lose in 2024 when speaking with NBC’s Karl, saying:

We probably likely lose the White House. We just did in ’20. So, I think we probably lose the White House with Trump. And if there’s someone not named Trump, my guess is we win the White House.

Ryan then went on to say that he predicts Trump losing support because of undefined “losses”, saying:

That’s right, but I think — I think he’s going to continue to lose altitude because we want to win. And we know with him we lose. We have a string of losses to prove that point. And there are a lot of really good, capable conservatives who people I think like that are more than capable of not only being good conservatives in office but can win elections.
These Democrats and RINOs still don’t know what they are doing.  Their only way to beat President Trump is to steal elections.  They really must feel really sick and sad inside.  
Looking at their comments, who are the ones acting like losers while President Trump grows his base even more?
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