President Trump Warns of World War III – Says Possible Nuclear War Keeps Him Up at Night

President Trump shared on Tuesday his concerns about a potential nuclear war which is keeping him up at night.  

President Trump dialed into podcast “Cats at Night” where he discussed the potential of a World War.

President Trump shared:

Former President Donald Trump warned Tuesday that World War III could erupt over Ukraine or Taiwan — and said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat of unleashing nuclear weapons made this “a very bad and very dangerous time.”

During an appearance on 77 WABC radio, Trump was asked by host John Catsimatidis what things “keep you up at night.”

“I think more than anything else, I think we could end up in World War III and it could be all of the horrible things that took place in Ukraine,” he said.

“Looks like it’s going to happen in China with Taiwan, as you know, and you see what’s going on over there.”

Trump also alluded to Putin’s speech last week in which he vowed to “use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people.”

“I think we’re at the most dangerous time maybe in, in many, many years — maybe ever — because of the power of nuclear,” Trump said.

“For a major nation that’s equal with us on nuclear power to be throwing around the word cavalierly, like nuclear, is, is a very bad time. A very bad time for this country and a very bad and a very dangerous time for the world.”

Trump also agreed with Catsimatidis’ suggestion that if he were still president, Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine earlier this year.

Below is the discussion with President Trump.

The world is a very dangerous place due to the actions and inactions of the Biden Administration.  What a mess.

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