UPDATE: Michigan’s Lapeer County Machine Discrepancy Explanation from County Commissioner Candidate Scott McMahan

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier in the day that there were alleged issues with the Dominion voting machines throughout Lapeer County, MI.

Those discrepancies have been explained… somewhat.  In this interview, I am joined by candidate for county commissioner, Scott McMahan.  If you are in or around Lapeer County, Scott’s campaign could use help observing the transcription process of these ballots.

Check out his page here to volunteer!

Clarification:  Scott refers to “timestamps” but rather meant “timing marks”.

Scott’s explanation leaves several questions that hopefully we can get answered when the clerk’s office is open again tomorrow.  They closed today at 2:30pm.

With everything going on at the moment with El Paso County, CO, you have to ask yourself:

  • Why didn’t a Logic and Accuracy test pick up on this discrepancy??
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