Here We Go Again: Machine Failures Being Reported In Michigan

Two major primaries are taking place today in the states of Arizona, Missouri, Washington and Michigan.  There has been a lot of focus on The Gateway Pundit today about Arizona, but Michigan has been relatively quiet.  Until now.

Yesterday, Conservative Daily had Michigan attorney Stefanie Lambert on who dropped some incredible information:  60,000 people registered on Election Day in Michigan for the 2020 election.  But 22% apparently left without voting!  That’s interesting that these voters felt so compelled to register that they drove to their polling place on Election Day, registered, but then elected not to vote.  Maybe they were just getting ready for the 2022 primaries.

Starting at the 5:36 mark:

Now for the 2022 Primary…

Lapeer and Metamora Townships are reportedly telling voters to fill out their ballots and leave them with officials to be scanned later.  This is happening due to reported problems with the voting machines and the barcodes on the ballots.  Voters should have every right to make sure their ballot is properly processed prior to them leaving the polls.  It’s bad enough that “properly processed” means a machine that doesn’t validate how you voted, but just that you did in fact cast a ballot.


I reached out to Lapeer for comment but there offices close at 2:30pm.

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