Trader Joe’s Manager Threatens Customer For Talking About COVID And Religion With Employees But He Has No Idea Customer Was Recording The Whole Conversation (WATCH)

As the  Biden administration, big tech, ‘woke’ corporations, the United Nations and Drive-By Media collude to destroy the First Amendment, weak-minded, petty tyrants are abusing their positions of authority to enforce the totalitarian marching orders.


A store manager of Trader Joe’s in Templeton, California was caught on video threatening to ban a customer from shopping in the grocery store for conversing with employees about Covid, face masks and religion.

The customer, Allan Stevo, author of several bestselling books including Face Masks Hurt Kidsclaims he was casually engaging in friendly small talk with employees in Traders Joe’s, where he regularly shops on Sundays after church, when the store manager asked to speak with him privately.

“Normally when I’m checking out of a store I ask the question, ‘How’s your day going?’ ‘How’s business going?’ The employees ask me the same thing, ‘How’s your day been?’ Since it happened to be Sunday after church, I replied,  ‘My pastor just gave me the best sermon and I’m so happy about it.’ The conversation is innocuous, doesn’t trigger anything — I don’t even say Jesus’ name. That was what the manager approached me about,” Stevo told The Gateway Pundit.

“When a cashier asks me how I’m doing I’ll say, ‘It makes me so happy to see a smiling face and it just tires me out to see masks all the time, especially from customer service people.’ A third of Trader Joe’s employees are masked still and it’s by choice,” he continued. “I wrote this book, face masks hurt kids and it talks about the harms face masks have on children and everyone and their inefficacy against the transmission of any virus.”‘

The manager, Mark, became incensed while overhearing Stevo’s chit-chat with the cashier and he curb his speech. Mark then asked Stevo to step outside where he reprimanded the author for “making crew members feel uncomfortable” with discussions about religion and Covid.

“He waited for me at the door of the store with a second member of the staff as a witness,” Stevo said.

Befuddled by the speech police, he began discretely recording the confrontation.

“So, if you want to continue to shop at Trader Joe’s I need you to not make my crew members uncomfortable by talking about Covid stuff or religion,” Mark is heard saying in the video.

Stunned by the ultimatum, Stevo asked Mark to clarify his request and the overseer of the store tepidly doubled down.

“Okay. So, anyway,” Mark continued, “I would prefer when you are in my store, you know, that you come in and shop and leave and not discuss what I just said.”

“Religion or COVID?” Stevo asked.

“Yeah. Okay. If we — it’s important that my crew members feel comfortable working in my store,” Mark replied. “Okay? So, does that make sense?”


Asked whether Trader Joe’s plans to reinstate a mask mandate for its employees, Stevo assured the grocery store chain will comply with all government mandates as he struggled to remember what the CDC is.

“What’s the talk about the masks? When are you guys going to try putting the masks back on?” Stevo pressed.

“We were following whatever the federal, state, local — what is it?” responded Mark.

“The CDC,” Stevo shot back.

“The CDC…whatever it was…that’s what Trader Joe’s does,” Mark said. “So, I don’t know if it’s coming back. All I know is I would appreciate if you want to continue to shop here, please do not bring up those type of conversations with my crew members.”

Trader Joe’s assault on free speech comes after low-level employees across nation the discriminated against patrons who refused to comply with unconstitutional COVID mandates, banning the non-compliant from their jobs, entering indoor venues, receiving medical treatment at hospitals and commuting on airplanes.

Even those unwilling to accept the federal and corporate agenda to mainstream gender dysphoria, child grooming and pedophilia are now ostracized and banned by the petty tyrants.

Earlier this month, an 80-year-old woman was banned from using the YMCA community pool after complaining about a man dressed in a woman’s swimsuit watching little girls undress in the locker room of a YMCA in Washington state.

80-Year-Old Woman Banned From Community Pool For Complaining About Cross-Dressing Man Watching Little Girls Undress In Locker Room

“The face mask is a lie and I have no desire to support a lie,” Stevo asserts. “Even shopping in a store where there are any masked employee is supporting a lie.”

His book latest children’s book, which comprehensively outlines the psychological, social and medical detriment of wearing face masks, was a bestseller the first week it was released.

“It talks about the harms face masks have on everyone, especially children. They are unhealthy for medical reasons, but more importantly social reasons. The book lays out in basic science about respiratory health in 500 pages inlcluding chapters that detail how wearing masks teach a child not to trust you,  cause your child to inhale  dangerous chlorine compounds.

“Exhaled air contains over 250 substances meant to be removed from your body and not breathed back in.”

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