Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas: ‘You Need To Teach Yourself To Be Disobedient,’ ‘The Brainwashing Needs To Stop,’ Or ‘We Are Going To Be Left With Klaus Schwab And The Tyrants’

The predator class’ war against ordinary citizens will not wane as they attempt to depopulate, steal elections and weaponize the government until people teach themselves to become disobedient and utilize the power of the dollar, warns  Leigh Dundas, a human rights attorney who has led the nation’s most notable efforts to counter federal and state tyrannical vaccine mandates.

“We are overly obedient,” Dundas told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview ahead of her speech at the Reawaken America tour in Rochester, New York. “You need to raise disobedient children. You need to teach yourself to be disobedient. The only things you want to obey are good orders, good laws and God.

“If it is a bad law or a bad order — not in keeping with our constitution or our civil liberties, you don’t just have a right to disobey it, you have a duty to disobey it. The best service you can give yourself is learning how to disobey.”

Dundas, the founder of Freedom Fighter Nation, spearheaded a national walkout in November. Employees who refused to comply with vaccine mandates from across the nation from every industry went on a 4-day strike.

Following the strike, employers rescinded their mandates and a federal court in Louisiana ruled the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate unconstitutional.

Civil disobedience puts pressure on the courts to uphold the constitution, Dundas explained.

“That was a group of people from various sectors and industries, a lot of them were blue-collar workers that were somewhere in the supply chain and they were forced out of their jobs,” she said. “We ended up organizing a nationwide walkout.  There were a lot of supply chain workers, there were nuclear [workers]. We had people at water and supply control, dams, court reporters, grocery workers —  a lot of different facets. Of course, mainstream media didn’t cover it at all.


“The very first decision we got that held Biden’s vaccine mandate unconstitutional was the 5th circuit court of appeals out of Louisiana Friday of that week [of the strike]. Everybody was like ‘praise God, Praise Jesus.’ The judges finally came to their senses and started upholding the constitution,” she said. “That was the judges watching what was happening to our supply chain and saying we don’t want to live in a third-world country where we can’t even get toilet paper or food.

“The courts of law basically always follow the courts of public opinion. That’s how black people became integrated, that’s how we as women got to vote. A lot of times people are like the courts are going to save us — the courts only step up and save you and grow a pair after they see that society is willing to fight.”

In June, the crusading attorney, best known for representing victims of sex trafficking,  won a legal victory against the Special Olympics in June while representing disabled athletes who were banned from competing in the Olympics for not receiving multiple COVID vaccinations.

After Dundas informed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis about the case, the Florida Department of Health slapped  Special Olympics International with a $27.5 million fine. Three days before its USA Games opening ceremony on June 5, the charity rescinded its vaccine mandate.

The war against ordinary citizens is not stopping but fortunately “every overreach wakes the masses up,” Dundas argued.

“It’s not stopping, but every overreach wakes the masses up. Eventually, all totalitarian dictators, which is what we’re facing right now, go down the same way. They become so overreaching, so narcissistic, so megalomaniacal, like Hitler, like Stalin, they do themselves in. And at this point, when you’re weaponizing triple letter agencies to go after a former president…raiding him with what’s left of the FBI, times are dark. But it is going through these dark phases that wake up middle America that we need to get to.” she said. “That’s where we’re at.”

“Things that I see that are really helpful: we’ve got 42 percent of self-identified Democrats or liberals who are now watching Fox News – Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson as their main source. They’ve completely abandoned the leftist media and they’re now watching Fox. Even though basically half the people on the left are on the left, they are watching people on the right as their main source of media now. Ninety percent of CNN viewers no longer watch it, CNN. So, what we’re seeing is a massive shift away from traditional legacy media and to Gateway Pundit and people like you guys.

“We are also seeing the power of the dollar. When Disney’s true colors were shown and you had that internal board room conversation come out where they’re like, ‘Yeah we are trying to get drag trannies basically in every little princess movie a lot of parents who weren’t awake were like, ‘What the? I don’t think so scooter.’ And they canceled their Disney subscriptions and [Disney’s] stock took one hell of a beating.”

Dundas warns those who are aware of the globalist agenda to destroy and depopulate America are in a echo chamber and called on billionaires to join her in investing in national ad campaigns to reach those who won’g find the truth on their own and stop the “brainwashing.”

“There’s billionaires who are on our side, call me. We are going to start doing a massive advertising campaign—we are going to start dropping truth bombs in the living rooms of middle America. The people who are going to find Gateway Pundit, they’ve already found you. We are now in an echo chamber. We’ve made a lot of headway, but we really really need to reach the ones who aren’t going to find us on their own,” she said.  “They’re going to get triple boosted and they’re going to die or be maimed or one of their family members is and they’re going to wake the hell up, or they’re not and they’re going to be out of our road. It’s harsh but it’s true. These people are not long for the living. Your t-cells compare to that of a dying AIDS patient after you get your second shot.

“I’m sorry but it’s Darwin at work. At some point, we are going to be left with Klaus Schwab and the tyrants and a bunch of people who were too smart to fall for what they’re selling us and we are going to take this country back and the planet. People are brainwashed and the brainwashing needs to stop.”

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