John Kachelman: WHERE ARE THE HEROES? “We Are Searching for Those with Heroic Courage”

Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

Where are the Heroes?

“Real courage facing political intrigue”

The reality perceived today: Faceless assault groups. Unchallenged political overreach. Innocent citizens penalized while criminals continue their anarchy. Politicians silently acquiesce while Bureaucrats govern.

The current events highlight the disintegration of the cultural mores that once distinguished the United States of America as a beacon of light. We were a national refuge of hope.

“The Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command the air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame. Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp! cries she with silent lips. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

This expression of a welcomed embrace to the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” is now erased and replaced by a group thought opposed to the desires of the Founding Fathers. Unraveled is the assurance of life, liberty and individualism that were the hallmarks of our National greatness.

The national conscience has been replaced by the arrogance of “Bureaucratic Overlords” who govern, not by elected privilege but, by arrogated tenure. Such Overlords have their own concept how the nation ought to develop and that is the compass followed in today’s governing structure. These Overlords flagrantly ignore the States Rights required by the Constitution. These unelected political overlords manipulate the system and propagandize the media releases so the messaging defends their insolence. Consequently, these are deemed innocent and any opposition is insurrection.

The governing situation today is no different than that of the elite Overlords of ancient history who ruled with despotism and oppressed with cruelty.

Today’s “Ruling Elite” are savages without respect for the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Today’s political “Elite” are yesterday’s Princes, Princesses, Lords, Ladies, Counts, Countesses, etc. They serve at their own discretion and care little about their lawless actions. They are consumed with a voracious appetite fueling an ever-expanding selfishness.

These see themselves above the Law. These guarantee themselves immunity by corrupting and controlling the agencies that should be the guardians of the national Rule of Law. These offer the most asinine explanations of their anarchy and the puppet media joyfully spins this lawless justification without blushing.

However, such savage disregard for the established Rule of Law never brings national greatness. Ironically, even though the Elite’s justification is that national greatness is possible only with an “evolving” Law, such hastens and quickens a national descent that eventually leads to national eradication.

History educates us that individualism is not found in the group goosestep. When the group think takes control of the nation, true altruism is sacrificed for a numbed compliance to orders; the visionary ideal of absolute justice, personal rights, and a respect for others devolves into a callous defiance to basic morality. Instead of the historic morality transcending civilization, these seek subservience to the Overlord’s commands.

Where are the heroes who will step up and resolutely stand against those destroying the national foundations? Where are the heroes of bold courage willing to protect the national Rule of Law to the citizens “yearning to breathe free”?

The situation today is not novel. Historical anecdotal events remain instructive as to what is bold courage and how such courage is a memorialized event and is applauded throughout time. Look quickly at history’s record. Learn and use these celebrated events to ignite a heroism necessary to assure the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Consider Josef Schulz (also Schultz; Serbian Jozef Šulc). He was a German soldier of the 714th Infantry Division stationed in the Balkans, Serbia during World War II. He died in 1941, allegedly executed after refusing to take part in a partisan execution. Some dismiss his narrative as a legend but photographs of his execution add validity to his story. A short summary of his heroism: during the German Fascist terror there was a strong resistance movement in occupied lands. The Fascists decided that intimidation would quell the resistance. So, groups of villagers were arrested and shot dead. This evil was sanctioned by superiors. The troops robotically obeyed doing “their duty and obeying their orders.”

Until 20 July 1941. On that day a Wehrmacht firing squad executed sixteen Yugoslav partisans within the barracks of Smederevska Palanka, southeast of Belgrade.

Often in these operations, locals were present. The presence of these witnesses served to chronicle the despicable events. It is reported that on that day, Schulz yelled, “I will not shoot! These men are innocent!” Schulz’s commander put Schulz in line with the partisans. The soldiers immediately shot Schulz and the others and buried them. Josef Schulz heroically stood and made a courageous statement.

When the bodies of the victims were exhumed after the war, an eyewitness recalls that remains of military equipment ascribed to a German soldier were also recovered, but the identification tag was lost.

Where are the heroes of the Law Protection services today who will step forward and speak out, “I will not shoot! These men are innocent!”

Many feebly attempt to justify their lawless behavior and excuse their personal duty by claiming “I am only following orders.” These join the ranks of the Fascist firing squads who were only “obeying orders.” A time-proven fact—innocence is sacrificed on the altar of political bureaucracy by those entrusted to uphold the Law!

Consider Admiral David Farragut. From the Battle of Mobile Bay comes the heroic “Damn the torpedoes—full speed ahead!” Although questioned, this quote is attributed to Admiral Farragut as he realized the Gulf had been planted with sixty-seven mines (“torpedoes”). Whether or not the Admiral spoke the quote is immaterial because he decided to cross the mines and attack the three forts. The battle’s smoke made it impossible for the Admiral to observe and issue commands.

During the battle, Admiral Farragut climbed up the mast and was tied to it so he would not fall. He wanted to be above the smoke so he could have a better overview of the situation. This was seen as the ultimate act of bravery by the ship’s captain. If the ship sunk then he would be unable to save himself and he would go down with the ship.

The Admiral was resolute. The Admiral’s courage was defiant. The Admiral stood on principled foundations and would not surrender.

Where are the heroes today who tie themselves to the masts and are willing to go down with the ship rather than surrender principle and honor? Where are the heroes today who rise above the blurring smoke of pitiful excuses and lame justifications so they see the dangers before them?

Consider Polonius. He is the character in Shakespeare’s Hamlett (Act 1, Scene III, Lines 78-82) who says: “This above all: to thine own self be true…Thou canst not then be false to any man.” These words offer wise counsel for a balanced life. Today the phrase is used in the context of honesty and commitment. Polonius spoke these words as advice to his son, Laertes.

Polonius believes that a person must be loyal to his personal values first. The use today connotes the ideas of truth, self-ownership, and individuality. These are the priorities of a life balanced and successful.

Where are the heroes pursuing these priorities for our national interests? Where is the heroic challenge to citizens to pursue truth, self-ownership and individuality before all other interests? Sadly, this heroic challenge is unheard today.

Concluding Thoughts

The historic narrative of civilization continues to be woven. The politicians, the military brass, the educators, and many others seek to weave their own message and leave their own histories. But such results in a scrambled tapestry. The weavers are following self-interests. Tragic consequences exist and only worsens as culture and civility continue its downward spiral as anarchy emerges as the Rule of Law disintegrates.

We need heroes today who will stand and speak out saying, “This police action is NOT right—they are innocent!” We need heroes today who will lash themselves to the masts so they can navigate the battle and be willing to go down with the ship. We need all to pursue the virtuous truth with priority that is true to our inner-resolve.

We DO NOT need minions of jack-booted, goose steppers who excuse personal responsibility by claiming “I’m only following orders.” We ask, “WHOSE orders are you following? How are these orders established by the Rule of Law? Why comply with orders from superiors that are not explained in the context of the Law?”

We NEED heroic responses to the battles over personal rights, individuality, and transcending values of good. We need the heroism of Law Enforcement officers, military personnel, and every citizen who will stand up and cry out against uncivil orders that “This is NOT right! I cannot comply!”

It is past time for a modern Jozef Šulc to stand up and shout out to elements of the Political Bureaucrats, Military, Law Enforcement, and the spineless cowering Politicians, “THIS IS NOT RIGHT! THESE PEOPLE ARE INNOCENT!” States are offering refuge to those who are troubled with situations demanding their compromised compliance and courageous enough to stand resolute.

Consider Moses. An identification line is drawn in culture and national conscience by the Rule of Law. This sets the boundaries for behavior and demands a commitment to uphold the truthful and right. This is not a new development. It has historicity in civilization. Perhaps the clearest is found in Exodus 32:25-26. There a nation devolved into selfishness and the governing Rule of Law had been removed. Read the text and observe these facts:

  • Group think led to a people “out of control.”
  • Individualism vanished and all responded without thinking.
  • Reason evaporated and emotionalism governed.
  • Reliance upon man’s wisdom instead of the transcending wisdom of God—man replaced God.
  • Those accepting this became objects of ridicule and surrendered their personal dignity and value.

There is never a moment when the bold courage of heroic proportions is not required to keep the nation focused on the critical foundations. Schultz, Farragut, Polonius and Moses aptly validate this point.

There is never time for political patronizing platitudes ignoring the compromise and collapse of the national Rule of Law.

We are searching for those with heroic courage, commitment to the national Rule of Law, and a willingness to sacrifice and serve so righteousness exists and anarchy is subdued. Our query today to all within the governing structure of our nation, “Will you stand resolute and be memorialized with other heroic characters of history? Will you announce that actions are not right—these are innocent?”

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