The End of the Cheney Dynasty – Farewell Liz “Lincoln” Cheney

The neo-con crowd got a much overdue mega punch (or should I say, MAGA) in the gut on Tuesday with the electoral bludgeoning of Dick Cheney’s evil spawn, Liz. It is for moments like this that the word “chortle” was created. Chortle away.

I actually have an indirect tie to the Cheney’s via my old (and deceased) friend, Bruce Bradley. Please don’t hate Bruce. If it was not for Bruce, we might not ever had to suffer the insanity of Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney.

(In Bruce’s defense, he was appalled by what Cheney did during his time as Bush’s Vice President.)

The story starts in 1964 when Bruce became Chief of Staff to a Congressman from Kansas, Robert Ellsworth. Ellsworth went on to become the U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO. Anyway back to Bruce. While working for Ellsworth, Bruce befriended a young Congressman from Illinois. A guy named, Donald Rumsfeld. Yep, that Rumsfeld. Bruce and Don became friends over ferocious games of squash and racket ball. Bruce had a club foot but could still beat Rummy. This was during 1964-1968.

Jump ahead a few years. Bruce set up a consulting firm–Bradley Woods. One day in 1973, Rummy calls Bruce and says, “Hey Bruce, I’ve got a great young man who needs a job. His name is Dick Cheney.” That is all Bruce needed to hear. He gave Cheney a job.

1973 – Rumsfeld asks Cheney to join him in Brussels, Belgium, when Nixon appoints Rumsfeld ambassador to NATO. Cheney declines and instead accepts a post as vice president at Bradley, Woods and Company, a Washington, DC, investment firm that counsels corporate clients on politics and federal policy.

According to Bruce (we had wonderful chats while playing golf), Cheney was a heavy smoker (you could smoke in the office back in the 70s) and partial to 3 martini lunches. He did little real work. The job was a place holder for an entitled favorite son. Cheney left Bruce two years later to become Gerald Ford’s Chief of Staff and then campaign manager. When Ford lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976 he returned to Bradley Woods. It was a place to hang his hat and put his feet on the desk while puffing away to prep for his run for Congress in Wyoming, which he won. Next stop, Congress.

You know the rest of the story. Dick Cheney became the living embodiment of Darth Vader during the George W. Bush administration. In fact, Cheney and Rumsfeld conspired together to circumvent the will of President Bush. I have heard one story from a participant at a White House Situation Room meeting that took place in 2003. President Bush made a decision to take action against Afghani drug traffickers and Rummy and Cheney ignored him and took a different tack. My friend, who was present at the meeting, was shocked.

So that brings us to Cheney’s evil spawn, Liz. She has the same totalitarian tendencies of her dad and has proven herself more adept at profiting off of her political connections. How else to explain her rise in net assets from $7 million to $40 million while a member of the House of Representatives? I have heard of people being frugal and counting pennies, but this is off the scale.

With this as background I want to give you a chance to select your favorite post-election meme for Liz “Lincoln” Cheney. Enjoy:

Which is your favorite? Or have you found one that is better? Please share.

One final note. Word is that Liz is going to be wearing body armor when she is around Big Daddy Dick. It seems she heard he has a thing for shooting lame ducks. (RIMSHOT)!


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