EXCLUSIVE: Key Excerpts from President Trump’s Speech in Nebraska – “They Are Terrified of MAGA, and They Should Be”

President Trump spoke tonight off of I-80 in Greenwood between Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska.  

President Trump’s message was excellent.  Below are some excerpts from his speech.

The networks and the media are trying to censor us and cancel us—and what FOX is trying to do is have Trumpism without Trump. I don’t know how that’s going to play—but they’re working hard at it.


The Biden Administration’s complete abolition of America’s border is a crime against the citizens of our nation.


Never forget, the Radical Democrats want to lock you in your home and take away your freedoms, while they set loose dangerous criminals without bail and release repeat offenders without charges.


The greatest threat to public health in our Democrat-run cities is not COVID—it is the Democrats’ weak-on-crime policies.


Our movement must continue to pursue a populist-nationalist ECONOMIC agenda that puts working families before globalist politicians and corrupt multi-national corporations.


No teacher should EVER be allowed to teach transgender to our children without parental consent. We have to save our kids!


Last week, the Biden administration announced they are creating a so-called “Disinformation Governing Board” at the Department of Homeland Security—run by a partisan left-wing lunatic who tried to convince people that the Russia Hoax was true, and the Hunter Biden laptop information was put out by Russia, which she knew was false. The Democrat Party’s brazen and desperate attempts at censorship prove how cowardly they are. They are terrified of MAGA, and they should be. When Republicans take back Congress, the first thing we will do is de-fund this ridiculous propaganda board, fire the left-wing censors, and terminate their outrageous violations of our First Amendment rights.

This is why Americans love President Trump.  He is so connected with the American people. 

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