WATCH: Woke Arizona Education Diversity Leaders Slammed After Falsely Accusing a Real Black Man Of Dressing In Blackface At School Fundraiser

Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau In Blackface

A black DJ in Scottsdale, Arizona, accidentally sparked controversy among woke liberals at a recent fundraiser for Hopi Elementary School.

After DJ Kim Koko Hunter performed at Hopi Elementary PTA’s ‘Hopi Night Fever’ fundraiser, two outraged school “diversity” leaders attacked Koko for appearing in “blackface.”

Hunter initially thought this was a joke, but he said he was shocked to discover they were serious. 

In a scornful email to Megan Livengood, head of the Hopi PTA, Jill Lassen stated, “These types of racist displays are unacceptable,” and accused DJ Kim Koko Hunter of “perpetuating deliberate racism.”

Scottsdale Unified School District parent Amanda Wray, who was previously targeted and harassed by the district’s School Board members, shared screenshots of these emails on Twitter.

According to emails obtained by The Arizona Daily Independent, Megan Livengood scolded Lassen for her harmful accusations, saying, “I know the goal of the Scottsdale Parent Council is to unite the educational community and you are doing the complete opposite. I will encourage Hopi PTA not to be part of this group in the future.”

Jill Lassen later apologized after realizing she had made a ridiculous mistake.

Lassen co-chairs the Scottsdale Parent Council’s diversity, equity, and inclusion committee. Previous Facebook posts show her radical agenda.

Stuart Rhoden, an ASU instructor and member of the Scottsdale Unified School District’s Equity and Inclusion Committee, later doubled down on his accusations.

In a Facebook post on April 12, Rhoden again accused Hunter of using “darker make-up if not blackface” and used the opportunity to accuse other parents of having a “cultural disconnect.”

These people should be fired from their jobs and removed from their committees.

Days later, in a live stream on Facebook, Koko and DJ Ryan Ingram called out these ludicrous accusations and clarified that Koko is a real black man.

Yesterday, Koko Hunter joined Jesse Watters Primetime with guest-host Pete Hegseth to speak further on his bizarre experience.

Hegseth: You were asked to DJ. You stepped in for a friend. It was a successful night. You played ‘70s music, then the next day, your boss got a call saying, wait, was your friend who did the event actually black? He said yeah, he’s black. It’s good. But if they were still upset. Help our viewers understand how you were accused of wearing blackface.

Hunter: You said it right. The event went really well. Two days later, that Monday, I get a call from Ryan Ingram from Ingram entertainment. And he says, he told me the news, and I’m like, “There’s no way this has to be a joke. There’s no way.“ then he said no, I’m serious. And then he told me about the second part, about when they said, “well, a black person being in blackface is problematic as well.” And at that point, I’m just, I’m taken aback, and I’m shocked at this point.

Hegseth: Was the implication that you’re not black enough, too black. I mean, what statement are they trying to make here?

Hunter: I can’t speak for them. I wish I knew. I wish I knew why they felt that way and why they made it to the point where it is now, when I’m sure you showed some of the pictures. When in my opinion, an opinion that’s quite obvious that I’m not in blackface.

Hegseth: These people complaining, are they okay? Like what’s triggering them? Are they saying cultural appropriation? What’s their case?

Hunter: No one from that side. And none of those individuals have reached out to talk to me. So I have no idea. I have no answer for that. It’d be great if they were on here to explain their side.

Hegseth: Everybody loved it. But how does it make you feel that this is the result of it?

Hunter: Well, you know, here it is. At the event, it was a ‘70s/disco theme. I’m in my disco gear. You know, I’m 56 years old, so I know that era right there. So I’m like, let’s do it. Let’s make it happen. Listen, I even took my roller skates, my personalized roller skates! I was so ready. My bell-bottoms, all that stuff. Playing music all night long. Two, three, four hundred people on the dance floor, and I’m trying to get them off. And they won’t leave. It was that kind of energy in there. That has been overshadowed. That great energy has been overshadowed. The purity of what happened that night has been overshadowed by this controversy.

The radical left is trying desperately to perpetuate racism.


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