WATCH: Mother Targeted By Greenburg Dossier – “It’s Horrifying. I Was Shocked And DISGUSTED.” – AG Brnovich, “Get This Man-child Off Of Our School Board”

Mark Greenburg

Scottsdale Unified School District held an emergency meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona on Monday to address the remarkable parent concern after school board officials were caught spying on parents.

School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg’s resignation from the board was considered as a new president was nominated.

Jann-Michael did not resign from the school board, citing “bad actors”, and a lack of facts for the reason.

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The evidence is clear-cut. Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father were busted by parents who discovered their creepy dossier.

Mark Greenburg, the psychotic father of Jann-Michael compiled information on parents that were deemed political enemies of the board.

Mark cyberstalked parents, hired private investigators to track parents, performed background checks, and physically stalked parents on school property.

Greenburg hid behind a motorcycle helmet and photographed parents while using a body camera to record them.

Additional photos must be stored somewhere else. Amanda Wray calls for a full criminal probe of Jann-Michael Greenburg’s laptop.

Mark Greenburg clearly hated these people and he wanted to make them feel terrified. One recording shows Mark Greenburg cyberstalking parents and he says I really want Edmond to die. I’ll be so happy, I’ll have a f*cking party.”

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Edmond is a concerned parent who Mark Greenburg was stalking and even wished dead for voicing those concerns.

some of these videos, photos, and documents were uploaded to a Google drive that was shared with Jann-Michael Greenburg and other school officials.

Jann-Michael also lives with his father. There is no way that he did not have knowledge of this drive.

Earlier this week parents held a rally and a presser to demand woke Jann-Michael Greenburg’s resignation from the board just before the emergency meeting.

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The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to mother, Amanda Wray during the rally.

Conradson: How does it feel to have your personal information gathered, information about your kids, extensive background checks, compiled in a dossier for school officials?

Wray: It’s Horrifying. I was shocked and disgusted. There’s no reason for this elected official to be gathering information on me, my children, or any other parent in this community just because we want to have a parent voice and we want to restore parental rights in our school district. We have asked for more transparency and we’ve been met with not just resistance but we’ve had a target put on our backs.

Conradson: So you complained about this harassment in January to the Superintendent of the school. He told you that nobody should be facing harassment or intimidation for voicing their opinions. We later find out that he had knowledge of this dossier, he might have been involved in it. Do you think he should be criminally investigated?

Wray: I do. I think he should be criminally investigated and he needs to explain why he was using those files. Why files from the legal department that were unredacted are on this drive they were printed and given to someone. And who works for the district? Jann-Michael. Those files were uploaded and it makes no sense. He had knowledge, he was copied on the email, so is Julie Cieniawski. They need to answer for this and they’re the only two, Julie and Scott are the only two that have not publicly admonished his behavior and you have to ask yourself why that is.

Julie is the Vice President of the Scottsdale School Board.

Conradson: Do you think that Scottsdale Unified School District should be investigating their own actions?

Wray: Absolutely not. We don’t let our kids grade their own homework. It’s like the fox guarding the henhouse. They cannot be in charge of this investigation. Menzel’s got a reason to cover things up in my opinion, and it needs to be independent and probably criminal.

Conradson: Are you guys seeking legal action?

Wray: We are. There are parents who are looking, some have already engaged attorneys, and we have some working with us. We are also are calling on the AG to step in and do an emergency investigation. Not one that takes 180 days but get in here. Get this manchild off of our school board and restore the good name to the Scottsdale Community.

Conradson: And then my last question, these weirdos had pictures of your children, pictures of other children in this dossier. Are your children under some kind of disciplinary investigation or are they facing disciplinary action?

Wray: Not yet. I mean, we have some issues with with with one teacher who has been punitive on one of my daughter’s grading, which is uncharacteristic of her performance. But you know Scott Menzel himself has told me that the Scottsdale Unified School District has a culture of retaliation. And we’re seeing it

Jann-Michael Greenburg is a 28-year-old who still lives at home and has no children.

One needs to seriously question the judgment of the school board that unanimously elected him president as well as the Scottsdale education system as a whole.

Who is calling the shots?

TGP reported that Julie Cieniawski was nominated by Jann-Michael Greenburg to replace him as board president but she declined the nomination.


Amanda Wray says that Cieniawski had knowledge of this dossier.

She also said that Superintendent Scott Menzel and Cieniawski are the only two who have not publicly admonished this behavior.

Scottsdale parents are horrified that elected officials would do this to them.

They demand a full criminal investigation and into this matter and full transparency in the future.


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