RINO Mark Brnovich Ignores US Senate Candidate Blake Masters’ Challenge To Debate On Election Integrity – Masters: “Brnovich Doesn’t Do These Things Because He’d Get Booed Out Of The Room”

Arizona Attorney General RINO Mark Brnovichrefuses to defend his record of election integrity failures in a debate with US Senate Candidate Blake Masters.

Tonight, an Arizona U.S. Senate debate was set to be moderated by Save America attorney and former One America News Network host Christina Bobb, but Mark Brnovich refused to RSVP.

President Trump recently released a statement expressing that he would not be endorsing the “politically correct” RINO Mark Brnovich.

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Auditors handed Mark Brnovich massive evidence of election fraud before and after the stolen 2020 Presidential Election, but he was too weak to enforce the law as Attorney General. Mark Brnovich stabbed Arizona in the back, and now he’s scared of his own voters.

Masters previously invited Mark Brnovich to tonight’s debate through Twitter and his campaign website.

Blake Masters has challenged Attorney General Mark Brnovich to a debate on election integrity and the AG’s record on the 2020 election. The event will be moderated by Christina Bobb, attorney at Save America and former standout anchor at OANN.

Will Brnovich show up? Time will tell. Either way, come for food, fun, and a discussion of election integrity – what went wrong in 2020 and how to fix it.

Today, Blake Masters tweeted that Brnovich has not responded, but he will still host a MAGA rally with Christina Bobb in Chandler, Arizona. The event is tonight at 6:30 pm at 1509 North Arizona Avenue Chandler, AZ, 85225.

Masters also told Bannon’s War Room that he’s never even seen Mark Brnovich in person on the campaign trail and that “he just campaigns from the safety of a Fox News Studio.”

Masters: I have challenged Attorney General Brnovich to a debate. And I don’t think he’s going to show up, to be honest. We have heard radio silence from his campaign. We’ve had three debates, multi-candidate debates in the Senate race so far. I’ve gone to all of them. I think I’ve won them all. But whether you think I won or not, it’s just important to show up. I think voters deserve that, right? The side-by-side analysis, you get to see and get to know candidates, and Brnovich has skipped them all. I’ve actually never seen Brnovich in person, literally never seen him in person and I see everybody. I see Kari Lake running for governor. I see her competition. I see Jim Lamon, my competitor in the Senate race. I see everybody multiple times because I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of campaign events. And Brnovich doesn’t do these things. I think because he’d get booed out of the room most of the time because he’s so weak on election integrity, but I said finally, you know, I’ve had it. Let’s just challenge this guy, one on one, to a debate. I didn’t think he was going to show up. I guess I’m not shocked but man, what a disappointment. We’re still going to have the party, though. It’s going to turn into a mini campaign rally. I’ll give a speech about election integrity. We’ll open up for q&a. It’ll be really fun. It’s the kind of grassroots voter event that Brnovich can’t hold, doesn’t show up at; he just campaigns from the safety of a Fox News Studio.

Mark Brnovich is afraid of voters because he allowed the 2020 election to be stolen. 


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