EXCLUSIVE: After Specializing in Abortions and Baby Body Part Sales, Planned Parenthood Now Raking in Dollars in Transgender Services

Planned Parenthood is the ring-leader in abortions and the sale of baby body parts.  Now the entity is making dough in the transgender industry.

There is probably no entity looked at in the US like Planned Parenthood.  The businesses it deals in are some of the most controversial industries in America.

Human Life International shared on Planned Parenthood:

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is one of 134 member associations of the gigantic International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which works in 142 nations on every continent. It joins two other multinational non-governmental organizations that do the most damage to faith, life and family in the world — the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the architect and supporter of the Chinese forced abortion program, and the Population Council, founded and supported by eugenicists, now serving as the guiding hand behind population suppression efforts all over the world.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Statistics

    • Planned Parenthood commits about 40% of abortions in the United States

    • Their annual abortion count is up to 354,871 and growing

    • 96.9% of pregnant women who seek help at Planned Parenthood have abortions.

We also know that this global entity is involved in the sale of baby body parts. This was uncovered in some heroic reporting by the Center for Medical Progress.

From the CMP website: “Citizen journalists at CMP spent two-and-a-half years logging thousands of research hours to painstakingly gather hundreds of hours of undercover footage, dozens of eye-witness testimonies, and nearly two hundred pages of primary source documents.”

In exposing the illegal and barbaric practice of harvesting aborted baby parts for profit, the videos document the relationship between Planned Parenthood and the biotech firm StemExpress, which buys and resells aborted baby body parts for medical research.

The individuals who first reported on this have been attacked by the left.  In a court case a judge ruled that these whistleblowers should pay Planned Parenthood $16 million but the judge had connections to Planned Parenthood.

Later in 2020, there was more information that Planned Parenthood was involved in selling baby body parts.

SHOCKING: Planned Parenthood Officials Admit Under Oath to Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

Now Planned Parenthood is getting into the transgender business. This is a cash cow for Planned Parenthood.

It now looks like Planned Parenthood is the go-to entity for transgenders.

By getting into transgender work, Planned Parenthood can claim less of its work is for abortions on a percentage of revenues while profitting from this new industry.

Planned Parenthood could not be more evil to Christian conservatives if it tried.


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