WATCH: MTG SLAMS Corrupt DC Swamp During Press Conference About Jan 6th Prisoners – “I Do Not Trust Our Government”

As the corrupt DC swamp has been busy playing partisan theatrics on the anniversary of 1/6, with even some Republican hacks joining in – Ted Cruz being one – Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are flipping the script and calling out the establishment for their lies.

Sadly and once again, Gaetz and Greene seem to be some of the very, very few elected representatives who are concerned with the truth of what happened on 1/6 – or even the Americans who have been taken hostage as political prisoners.

Where are all the other Republicans? They can’t all be like Dan Crenshaw, can they?

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Gaetz and Greene held a press conference on Thursday in which the pair called attention to the January 6th prisoners who are being unconstitutionally held in the DC Gulag over their political beliefs.

Instead of calling American citizens terrorists and playing along with the 1/6 propaganda – again, looking at you Ted Cruz – the America First tandem ripped the DC Swamp for its horrific and tyrannical witch hunt against patriots that has landed hundreds of Americans behind bars.

After Gaetz ran through several videos from 1/6 that have been largely suppressed by big tech and the media, Greene called into question why the Feds had not arrested notorious 1/6 catalyst Ray Epps and several other known individuals that played major roles in the likely Fed-orchestrated event on 1/6.

In the end, she says, it’s the FBI and the DOJ who have some serious explaining to do.

“When I went through the DC jail, I’ll tell you who I did not see – I did not see Ray Epps. I didn’t see him in there wasting away for months on end, being denied his due process rights, being denied the ability to see his family, to get medical treatments, to get a haircut, and shave. I didn’t see him in there.

You know who else I didn’t see? I didn’t see a man named John Sullivan – a man that has participated in Antifa, BLM riots, and the entire movement, but then all of a sudden decided to be a Trump supporter on January 6th.

[He’s] the same guy that was in the Capitol and filmed Ashley Babbitt’s murder, and then sold his videos to media outlets. He’s not in the DC jail under Deputy warden Kathleen Landerkin, so I think we have a lot of questions to ask and the people that should be answering the questions is our FBI and our department of Justice.”

After witnessing a full year of this, Greene just flat out says “I don’t trust our government even more.”



The entire press conference with Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene on the DC political prisoners can be viewed below.


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