BOMBSHELL: Revolver Investigation Exposes Massive Web Of Unindicted Operatives Who Coordinated Alongside Ray Epps To Turn January 6th Into a Riot

Darren Beattie’s Revolver News might have just blown the lid off of the entire January 6th “insurrection” narrative.

On Monday, the outlet published another brilliant investigative piece that includes the most explosive, damning evidence to date of the federal government’s suspected involvement in what the media has shamelessly called the worst attack on democracy in American History.

In June The Gateway Pundit first posted on Ray Epps, the Jan-6 “protester” who was spotted next to John Sullivan and was urging protesters that weekend to storm the US Capitol.

In June The Gateway Pundit identified Ray Epps as an FBI informant.

In October Revolver News reported on Ray Epps and his antics on January 6.

Revolver’s latest investigation breaks down the timeline of events on 1/6 and highlights the network of still-unindicted operators who appear to have been at work either with or in response to Ray Epps during the initial breach into Capitol grounds.

Unsurprisingly, none of the suspicious individuals who led the charge have received any attention from law enforcement officials, the mainstream press, or even Pelosi’s sham witch hunt committee, despite mounting video evidence of their coordinated and indispensable roles in starting the incident at the Capitol.

The new report again centers around the suspicious actions of Ray Epps, who is proving to be more involved than even originally thought, but he doesn’t seem to have been acting alone.

It’s called the “Ray Epps breach theory,” and it might just be the key to solving what really happened on 1/6.

As has been reported- On the night before 1/6, Epps made his plans to breach the US Capitol building very clear – on video multiple times, at multiple locations. The next morning, he spent hours instructing others to go to the Capitol.

During the initial breach on the west lawn at approximately 12:50 p.m., Epps was seen leading several of the initial agitators while managing key aspects of the initial breach of the Capitol grounds himself.

Here is a video compilation of Epps showing him in the leadup to the event, he can even be seen whispering in the ear of the first agitator to attack the barricade just seconds before the chaos begins:

This has been referred to as the “Big Bang” moment that kicked off the riot. The initial breach has been largely blamed on the Proud Boys, who had arrived in the area two minutes before, but videos show that a small “breach team” led by Epps violently tore through the first barricade on the northwest corner of the grounds at about 12:50 – a full 20 minutes before Trump’s speech had finished.

This entrance was specifically chosen because it was the intersection that every single person leaving the Trump rally would arrive at first as they made their way to the Capitol. Once several unknown operatives were able to clear the barricades, they had set the trap for the unsuspecting crowd.

From Revolver:

“Both the Pennsylvania Ave and the Constitution Ave exits from the Trump speech intersect at the exact Peace Monument barricade [were] targeted in advance by the Ray Epps Breach Team.

If any of the eight other walkway entrances into the Capitol grounds had been toppled instead, tens of thousands of marchers would have been met by police and metal barricades, instead of an open gate.

Without police present or “do not enter” signs prominently visible, people leaving Trump’s speech and arriving at the Capitol entrance would have no idea it was illegal to walk through the gate, or onto the lawn, or up to the Capitol steps. After all, this entire area is ordinarily open to the public.

Instead, they heard friendly music and saw the main walkway to the Capitol grounds wide open. These unwitting Trump supporters had no idea they had just crossed an invisible tripwire that would later subject them to federal prosecution for trespassing.”

Naturally, the crowd funneled through the open area and began gathering in front of the Capitol steps. This was the beginning of the so-called insurrection – it was a setup.

How did Epps and his handful of provocateurs pull this off?

As Epps was inciting the “big bang” moment, the other operatives were standing by at the ready to spring into action. The “Ray Epps breach team,” as Revolver calls them, set up an elaborate trap, with some individuals pushing back the police in the initial push, then others hauling away or hiding the “restricted area” signage, the fencing, and the metal barricades while the majority of the crowd was still at the Trump rally.

In one video from just after the breach, a man is calmly and methodically cutting down and rolling up “restricted area” fencing around the crowd. The unknown operative had no Trump gear on and looked completely out of place as if he was just there to do a job.


And a photo:

Online researchers have dubbed this individual “#FenceCutterBulwark” – “Bulwark” being the brand name of his fire-retardant jacket.

In videos, he can be seen waiting right next to the Ray Epps Breach Site at 12:31 p.m. – which is a full 20 minutes before anything transpired.

The proud boys, who were officially blamed by the press for the initial breach, wouldn’t arrive for at least another 15 minutes.

In addition to FenceCutterBulwark, videos show that Epps, in addition to several others, had positioned themselves at the site as early as 45 minutes before – a clear indication they were readying in anticipation of the eventual breach.


Also seen 20 minutes before, another one of the other key operatives – known only as #NWScaffoldCommander – was stationed on the wall a few feet away from FenceCutterBulwark awaiting his signal.

This odd middle-aged man with glasses, a nerdy mask, and a blue ballcap is who some are calling “the ringleader” of the entire operation.

NWScaffoldCommander gets his moniker from being the de-facto “commander” of the central scaffolding tower that overlooked the Capitol’s back steps and can be seen on multiple videos on 1/6.

Perched atop this tower that served as a perfect central “command post” that could see the entire area, he used a megaphone to incite and command the crowd below.

For nearly an hour and a half straight – from about 1-2:30 p.m. – NWScaffoldCommander’s orders reign down on the otherwise leaderless crowd.

“Don’t just stand there. Keep moving forward!” he repeatedly bellowed through a megaphone.

Once the crowd had moved forward as far as they could and the first people had actually breached the building itself, the ‘ringleader’ cranked things up a notch.

“Okay we’re in! We’re in! Come on! We gotta fill up the Capitol! Come on! Come now! We need help We gotta fill up the Capitol! They got in.”

As Revolver puts it, the clip below is “checkmate.”

As if it wasn’t bad enough already with the evidence that Epps and others set the trap, NWScaffoldCommander’s constant, authoritative megaphone orders acted as effective mental and social pressure that was able to manipulate the directionless crowd.

The ‘glowies’ had manufactured the perfect storm.

What’s even more incriminating is, as the fed-fest’s ringleader shouted his commands from his post, Ray Epps placed himself directly below the tower to handle the crowd on the front lines as they clashed with Capitol police – another clear sign of their coordinated efforts. What makes these two individuals stand out above the rest is the fact that they seemed to work in tandem through the entire day, even before the initial barricade breach.

Despite all of the mounting evidence that includes clear shots of these individual operatives, not a single one of them has been prosecuted, let alone been picked up for questioning by law enforcement officials – They aren’t even currently listed on the FBI’s 1/6 wanted list, according to Revolver.

Shockingly things get even weirder, Epps and his breach team were not even the first ones to trespass onto the Capitol grounds on 1/6. The first man who crossed the line is an unknown, unindicted individual who is being called the #BeCivilGuy.

From Revolver:

BeCivilGuy was the first guy who broke upfield toward the second police line, way past the “Restricted Area” fencing — and he did so before Ray Epps & Co. breached the first police line at 12:50 p.m., and before any fencing came down from the efforts of BlackSkiMask and his team.

How do we know that? See the below image, which is from just 30 seconds before Ray Epps & Co. will breach the first police line and streams of people will shoot up the walkway. You will see BeCivilGuy is first and farthest up the field. At this moment in time, no breach has happened yet, no officers have been harmed or forced back, and there is no guarantee that the Trump rally will get out of hand that day, as no barricades have yet been pushed over.

At this moment in time below, immediately before the breach, BeCivilGuy is the deepest “trespasser” of any of the tens of thousands of Trump supporters in DC.

Here is the image showing this man well ahead of anyone else before the breach:

While everyone else was focused on the commotion from the Ray Epps Breach Team, BeCivilGuy was heading in the opposite direction toward a Capitol Police team on the Capitol Grounds. He can be seen in images approaching them with his hands up trying to flag them down:

Something isn’t adding up here.

Revolver continues:

So what explains BeCivilGuy’s bravery (or insanity)? What motivated him to illegally trespass way up the lawn by himself, then wave down a whole squad of Capitol Cops stationed at the second perimeter, before the first police perimeter line had even been breached yet?

What kind of January 6 protester is so “extremist” he brings a giant bullhorn to the rally, then risks death as the first man to illegally bum-rush the Capitol lawn, but is also so “anti-extremist” he blows off Trump’s final speech in office, and uses his bullhorn to play hall monitor to a minor side crowd? And if he wanted to stop the crowd’s lawbreaking, why didn’t he tell the crowd to “move back” behind the first barricades, instead of telling them “come down” to the inner perimeter of the next police line?

In all, the evidence just keeps adding up to indicate that this ‘insurrection’ was manufactured by rogue federal agencies within the DC swamp.

As of now, the most plausible scenario – especially considering the FBI’s lack of interest in these individuals – indicates that a group of government-sponsored operatives were instructed to arrive at the breach site just before the arrival of the Proud Boys, who were scapegoated by the bootlicking media for the initial assault. Once inside, key figures such as Epps and NWScaffoldCommander directed the crowd to “move forward,” while others remained at the entrance to hide the barricades, fencing, and signage.

If Epps or any of these others turn out to have been government operatives then the Left’s entire “Trump insurrection” narrative completely falls to pieces and this becomes a clear case of entrapment. Especially when you factor in the fact that NWScaffoldCommander’s constant instructions to the crowd were to “fill up the Capitol” and to “keep moving forward,” which are statements that go well beyond the “strong suggestive language” that government informants are required to stay within in order to avoid entrapment.

Read Revolver’s full, extremely in-depth investigation, with even more details and shocking revelations here.

To this day, and almost a full year later, hundreds of Americans are still being unlawfully held in the DC Gulag over this bogus ‘fedsurrection’ as Pelosi and the sham Jan. 6th committee continue their unconstitutional witch hunt. They have had all of this information – and so much more – since the very beginning, but have done nothing but railroad their political opponents to crush their dissent.

This is criminal.


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