Rittenhouse Takes Aim at Lin Wood

After the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election a number of individuals offered to help President Trump overcome the stolen election.  This past weekend a number of accusations were shared online by some of these individuals which were in response to some statements made by Kyle Rittenhouse.

Lin Wood went on an angry rant after the acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse accused Lin and attorney John Pierce of not bailing him out in September 2020 and keeping him in jail until November (ostensibly for Kyle’s protection).

Kyle’s remarks to Tucker Carlson apparently enraged Lin Wood and he has been on a Telegram tear since that time.  He is challenging the integrity and honesty of a number of Trump supporters. Lin’s wrath is directed at several, including Sidney Powell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Vernon Jones, Patrick Byrne and General Michael Flynn.

Wood also insists that I am a Deep State operative working for the CIA. More about that later.

Let’s look specifically at his comments towards Mike Flynn.

Lin Wood recently recorded and released what he claimed to be a secret conversation with Patrick Byrne and stated he doubted Mike Flynn’s integrity because General Flynn did not speak in public denouncing Kyle Rittenhouse’s allegations about Wood’s misconduct.

Early Monday morning, Lin posted on Telegram accusing Mike Flynn of being in bed with George Soros.

Here is his Telegrams on this topic:

Does this document list General Flynn as a power of attorney for George Soros, or am I reading it wrong?

So many questions.


Why am I getting people sending me this in my private chats?

sec.gov website has something called a power of attorney.

Has George Soros, Michael Flynn, and Michael Adams names.

Soros Management Fund??

Signed August 21, 2021.

Was just sent to me via DM. People are digging & finding all sorts of information.


One of the beautiful things about the Internet is that people still have freedom, notwithstanding the unrelenting assault by Big Tech, to look for information. Within minutes of Lin Wood’s despicable innuendo attack, some intrepid Internet warriors determined it was a different Michael J. Flynn, an attorney.

Lin Wood has used this tactic before. Have you read the transcript of the interview with alleged whistleblower Ryan Dark White aka Dr. Jonathan McGreevey aka John Here to Help?  Ryan Dark White accused Mike Pence of homosexual relations with a minor and claims that Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts used Jeffrey Epstein to adopt his children.  Yet White provided not one shred of evidence for such scurrilous accusations.

We followed this post with the following post.

The True Education and Criminal Record of Fake “Whistleblower” Ryan Dark White

The articles show that Ryan Dark White is a two-time convicted drug felon and never received “graduate degrees” that he claimed during his interviews with Lin Wood’s attorneys.

I tried to warn Lin Wood starting on February 11, 2021 at 11:33 pm about Ryan Dark White’s criminal history.

This was the start of a five-month text exchange with Wood. After I published the two articles on Ryan Dark White.  Lin was mad at me. Rather than sit down and evaluate the facts I presented, which included damning video evidence on Ryan Dark White.  One story was to Attorney Ty Clevenger two years earlier and provided a completely different account than the one provided to Lin Wood.

I naively assumed that Lin Wood would take a look at this evidence and realize he had been played. But that’s not what Lin did. He accused me of being a Deep State CIA operative. All he had to do was a little research to realize I have been a strong critic of the CIA for more than 20 years. I resigned from the CIA on October 31, 1989 and have not worked for the CIA or been on their payroll since.

I called out the CIA for lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq during an interview with Michelle Norris on National Public Radio on May 30, 2003. You can listen to it here for yourself.

I also was a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and drafted and/or signed on to a number of memos critical of CIA operations during the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

In the spring of 2004, I metaphorically blew up John Brennan for screwing up the terrorism statistics. Back then the law required the State Department to submit an annual report on Terrorism to Congress by April 30th.  Colin Powell immediately used the report as proof that George Bush was winning the war on terror because the number of incidents had declined. But it was not true. I discovered that a month and a half of data had been left out of the report and alerted my former colleagues in the State Department Office of Counter-Terrorism about the error.  Colin Powell did the walk of shame.

The error was the fault of the CIA’s John Brennan. At the time, Brennan was the head of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center aka TTIC. TTIC had the job of gathering the statistics and reporting them to the State Department. John Brennan failed to do his job as the head of TTIC. Subsequently, Brennan and I testified separately before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about what was really going on with terrorism.

I am presenting this evidence of my past with the CIA during the last twenty years to show I have been the enemy of the Deep State. I am not their friend. I despise them.

Lin Wood is understandably upset with the comments by Kyle Rittenhouse.  He needs to take that up with Kyle and not this reporter or anyone else.


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