Another Well-Funded Anti-Trump RINO Group Sprouts Up – Demands End to Trump, His Movement, His Voters, and 2020 Election Audits

Another Republican group has spouted up which wants an end to President Trump and any efforts to audit the results in the 2020 Election. 

The Republican Accountability Project has an account on Twitter where it claims a desire to get rid of President Trump and any efforts to audit the 2020 Election.

Clearly, this group is another never-Trump group that wants the greatest President in US history, by some measurements, done and gone.

We saw this with other groups like the Lincoln Project.

Big Media Praised and Promoted the Lincoln Project While Ignoring They Were Just a Collection of Really Bad People

Like the Lincoln Project, the Republican Accountability Project is doing all it can to stop President Trump.  Their main effort is to stop any audits and shame those who want accountability in our elections.

This group of ding dongs is unable to comprehend that President Trump received more legitimate votes than any Presidential candidate ever with at least 75 million votes in 2020.

These gangsters at the Republican Accountability Project apparently have a lot of money to throw around, just like the Lincoln Project did.  Where does this money come from?

Why does a small sliver of Republicans not like President Trump, the most popular Republican President in history?  They must be dumb, nasty, and jealous.

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