Big Media Praised and Promoted the Lincoln Project While Ignoring They Were Just a Collection of Really Bad People

The Lincoln Project was not the influencer that the gang on the left had hoped for.  They had no impact on the election and eventually showed they were just a gang of really bad guys.  Even the wife of one of the Lincoln Project members appears to agree.

Below is a series of tweets from Drew Holden discussing Big Media’s lust for the Lincoln Project.

The Big Media loved the Lincoln Project:

The WaPo of course liked them because they hated President Trump:

Of course, MSNBC had them on and ignored their creepiness:

Of course, Joy Reid loved them:

Ultimately after all the accolades the Lincoln Project did nothing to impact the election but made a lot of money doing it:

Politico and NBC loved these misfits at the Lincoln Project:

Even the corrupt press around the world praised the Lincoln Project:

Of course, Never Trumpers were in sync with the Lincoln Project:

Former Senators and others praised the Lincoln Project:

These people wished this gang of bad characters would steal the election from President Trump:

The Lincoln Project hadn’t won in ages:

In the end, the Lincoln Project members were just a group of bad people:

Even the wife of one of the gang members at the Lincoln Project, Kellyann Conway, shared the observations from Drew Holden:

Just like they started, the Lincoln Project ended up being a gang of really bad people.

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